Defense Intelligence Agency Embraces Web 2.0 and Emergent Semantic Web Tools

July 9, 2007 by Peter A. Buxbaum,

Web 2.0 tools and technologies – allowing for the combination of information from different sources displayed in various formats and facilitating interaction, collaboration and information sharing – are beginning to play an important role in the military and intelligence technology constellation. Not surprisingly, interest in the collaborative capabilities of sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook and MySpace has migrated into usage in the military and intelligence communities through some of their more Internet-savvy employees.

“A number of our agency analysts and technology engineers follow innovation on the Internet pretty closely,” said Lewis Shepherd, chief of the requirements and research group at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). “Through general Internet usage at home, they began to see analogies between what knowledge workers were doing on the Internet and what we in the intelligence community could do.”