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I grew up in St. Paul, MN. During high school days, I participated in Boy Scouts, debate, extemporaneous and public speaking, poetry club, among other things.

I studied some STEM at University of Minnesota-Morris, and Biblical Studies and Communications (B.A.) at Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, TN and was involved with COMMA, Collegiate Civitans, Intercollegiate Forensics, Preachers’ Club, Religious Debate Club, Literary Club.

Then to Abilene (TX) Christian University Graduate School of Theology for an MA, Mission (intercultural religious communication).

Went back to MN and did some temp jobs, some public speaking and small group teaching.

I moved to Nashville, TN to marry Deana. She is Executive Director of United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee (or UCPMidTN). She’s my hero.

I started my technology consulting (mainly in intranet development related activities) during Y2K days as the Dot Com Bubble was about to burst. I’ve done some web analytics, some coding, some technical writing. I’ve always been about seeing the big picture (fixed vocabularies, ontologies, world views, systems thinking #realdata #realeconomick #XBRL), discerning when rhetoric diverges from practice, architecting solutions.

I’ve been active in the Association for the Development of Religious Information Systems, the Council on Foundations Technology Affinity Group, Open Healthcare Framework, Health Ontologies Community of Practice of the Ontolog Forum, the HIMSS Medical Banking Project, the Nonprofit Open Source Initiative, the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network, Object Management Group Healthcare Domain, OASIS International Healthcare Continuum Technical Committee, and the Healthcare Services Specification Project (HL7 and OMG). I’ve edited or contributed to internet sites such as (eHealthcare),, International Open Source Network Healthcare section, MBlog – the Medical Banking Blog, and the International Journal of Medical Banking, among others.

I boost digital preservation (#digitalhumanities), disabilities rights, ecumenism, eScience, gigabit networks, global collaboration and education, grid computing, interconnects, national research and education networks, etc. I also promote the intersection of these things, entrepreneurship, and related journalism (especially #disintermedia). I try to help not-for-profits when I am able.

I like to read and consume audio and video on a variety of disciplines, with an eye to the application of process or technology cross-fertilization / hybridization / synthesis. If Joseph Campbell, Michael Faraday or Michael Hudson would have mentioned it, I would probably find it of interest. My diigo bookmarks. My pastebin.

I’m a lifelong learning type — don’t know at this point if that will manifest in a book, M.Div., M.B.A. or a Ph.D. We’ll see what the market bears. In the meantime, you’re welcome to enjoy my posts, rants and tweets. The other tabbies on this Blog relate some of my previous experiences, work related and otherwise.

I admin the Technology Nashville and Medical Banking groups on LinkedIn. #AI #blockchain #data #digitalhumanities #disintermedia #eScience #HPCintheCloud #IoT #iXBRL #NRENs #OntologForum #SDN #SmartCities #VR #WebRTC

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