Cross Domain Collaborative Information Environment (CDCIE) [ Connecting Military Nets Through Open Source Collaboration ]

05/30/2007 By Henry S. Kenyon,

Open framework permits each piece of the suite to be made available to users as soon as it is ready. "We don’t intend to wait for the entire bundle because we’d be wasting warfighters’ time. If there’s a piece that’s ready, we intend to spiral it out — and the follow-on pieces as they come," Col. McLarney says.

…The CDCIE is designed as an architectural framework that allows users to plug and play among different applications. "It’s not a single-box solution," Hiser says. As the technology evolves, the various guards, gateways and applications can be replaced or updated. For example, he notes that if there is a significant need for collaborative applications such as Groove or Microsoft Live Meeting, the architecture can alter the chat clients to interface with the gateways and guards. Hiser adds that the CDCIE’s focus is to develop a capability based on nonproprietary standards, which allows the system to evolve to meet changing needs.