Continua Health Alliance Announces the formal release of its Version One Design Guidelines

After two years of work from more than 175 companies around the world, Continua
Health Alliance
is proud to announce the formal release of its Version One
Design Guidelines and the Continua Certification Program. These guidelines
encompass connectivity for vital sign devices (pulse oximeter, blood pressure
cuff, thermometer, weight scale, glucose meter), cardiovascular fitness
equipment and independent living activity monitors.

“I’m proud to welcome the first Continua Certified product to the
global marketplace from industry leader and Continua Promoter member Nonin
Medical, Inc.,” said David Whitlinger, Continua Health Alliance President.
“Nonin Medical’s engineers have worked diligently with other telehealth leaders
in the alliance to produce the Continua Version One Guidelines, with the goal
of building Continua’s vision for interoperable and personal healthcare.”

In addition to the Continua Version One Design Guidelines,
Continua also provides its members with a large library of reference software
that represent all of the connectivity interfaces in Version One. The Continua
Enabling Source Code Library (CESL) represents an investment of nearly $1
million to accelerate member companies’ product development.

These accomplishments come at a time of high momentum for
Continua, as the alliance prepares to welcome hundreds of its members to its
upcoming international summits in Tokyo and Barcelona. Held across the world,
these summits give Continua members the opportunity to network during
face-to-face working group meetings. These events also include keynotes
delivered by industry thought leaders, product demos, networking activities,
and updates on recent accomplishments and roadmaps.