Happy Belated Birthday, @ed_dodds !!! You are a source of knowledge for #socialgood and I’m so glad you were born. March, 2018
Neelley Hicks, Harper Hill Global

Ed, just wanted to say I appreciate you looking out for Angie. Much appreciated. There aren’t many well-wishers like you around. January, 2017
Neal Lachman, Group CEO, Angie Communications International B.V.

…given the outstanding connections you consistently make between groups and organizations you interact with and ROWE… February, 2016
Cali Ressler, CultureRx

Ed, you are a wealth of knowledge! December, 2015
Neelley Hicks, Director of ICT4D Church Initiatives, United Methodist Communications (the communications agency of the global denomination)

I want to let you know that I finished my MSN-Ed today!!! Thanks to Ed for opening my eyes to the validity of online education! Have a wonderful day! August, 2014
Alice Bush, RN at Clarian

@kateo We are now officially connected! @ed_dodds is the best matchmaker. :) April, 2014
Cali Ressler @caliressler, @culturerx

Ed, You’re awesome. Thank you so much! January, 2014
Charles Jo

@ed_dodds is our most active follower- Thanks Ed for always sharing all your thoughts and comments, and thanks for reading! January, 2014

You are invited to participate in a special project to gather input on the challenges and opportunities for the future of the Internet. The study is being conducted by two non-profits: Pew Research Center’s Internet Project and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center. We are collecting experts’ input on the most likely evolution of technology and people’s uses of it by the year 2025. Experts such as Semantic Web scientist James Hendler, Internet protocol co-inventor Vint Cerf, futurist David Brin, and technology observers Esther Dyson, Danah Boyd and Jeff Jarvis are among those who are already participating. December, 2013
Janna Anderson,
Director, Imagining the Internet Center, Elon University
Lee Rainie,
Director, Pew Research Center’s Internet Project

@ed_dodds thanks for always sharing great information! December, 2013
US Ignite @US_Ignite

Wow, best intros ever :-) Fingers crossed. Why aren’t you in sales? November, 2013
Nicholas Holland, Populr

Thanks for putting me in touch with the Talkapolis guys. I really appreciate it. Some really good stuff is going to come of that meeting. November, 2013
Chris Spintzyk, M-Partners

Thanks, Ed, for being our technological guru!! – November, 2013
Gailyn Van Rheenen, Mission Alive

You are amazing, in terms of the things you manage to discover! – October 2013
Peter Yim, CIM3

I am arriving at the party about three years late, topics you were onto years ago, well, now I see the light. – 2013
Thomas Mann, HemiFaulk Enterprises LLC

a quintessential information entrepreneur – July, 2013
John Bransford, Talkapolis

Many thanks again for your introduction to Ben (Fineman, Program Manager for Internet2’s Video Services [see Internet2’s last Megaconference “Breaking Down the Barriers: Global Connections”]). February, 2013
Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA), Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education, Founder and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of Global University System (GUS)

Ed Dodds brings people together. He is connected to people in many fields around the world. He has often connected me with people who are working and have expertise in the subject matter of a project I was working on. He is a constant source of the latest information concerning collaborative efforts to improve peoples and the world in which we all live. February, 2013
Richard Chowning, Consultant, Africa Mentor, assisting entrepreneurs and non-profit startups, connect importers and exporters

Ed Dodds has an uncanny penchant for digital marketing. Ultra-visionary, he makes connections way out in the horizon and, for the Medical Banking Project, this resulted in great visibility. On a volunteer basis, Ed was our one man digital marketing engine. I would strongly recommend him for firms that need an impactful digital marketing strategy. December, 2012
John Casillas, Senior Vice President, HIMSS Business-Centered Systems, HIMSS Medical Banking Project; Global Health IT Fellow, World Bank

I really appreciate your advice – anything I can do in return just shout! June, 2012
Mark Jones, SharePoint Solutions Architect, Collaboris Ltd.

You rock, thank you! March, 2012
Ruth Logan, Office Manager/HR Manager, PharmMD

I have enjoyed working with you and appreciate everything you have done with our website. It has been fun and a learning experience. March, 2012
Holly Flontek, Marketing Manager, PharmMD

Thanks for all that you have done… Super job! March, 2012
Alan Bush, Washington Avenue Church of Christ, Evansville, IN

[H]is eclectic efforts continue to amaze me. March, 2012
Alan Kotok,

1) ubiquitous; 2) Another uncanny Dodds connect-the-dots feat. Thanks! March, 2012
Milt Capps, Venture Nashville Blog

Ed Dodds would have my vote for geekiest geek in TN (and beyond!) March, 2012
Suzy Tonini, Social Media Manager, Global Deloitte Analytics at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

I just wanted to thank you again for all the advice, referrals, and even mentoring you have given me as I develop as a recruiter and in my knowledge of the world of IT and development. I have gained so much insight and information that I have used to then help others; it is truly a blessing. September 2011
Caleb McLaughlin, IT Recruiter, Provisions Group

I had the opportunity to meet Ed Dodds when conducting an internship at United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee. Since then Ed has advised me how to improve my business with precious and accurate information. I would recommend Ed Dodds to anyone as a business advisor. Kind Regards. April 21, 2008
Estela Gaspar, Designer, Illustrator, Janela Design

Ed is an extremely insightful and thoughtful contributor to the development of cutting-edge health IT concepts. I’m eager to see what he comes up with next! (If you’re in healthcare or tech, I particularly recommend you check out C.O.M.B.A.T. (the Cooperative Open-source Medical Banking Architecture & Technology project, …for which Ed is an articulate voice. July 17, 2007
Anne Zieger, Editor,

Ed’s insights into emerging technology is one worthy of input for any firm chasing technology developments regardless of market sector. Ed is truly a visionary with first hand real life experience on the front line and in the executive office. November 7, 2006
Jay Deragon, Chairman, XSVoice

Ed is one of the most thoughtful and knowledgeable people I have met in the past 10 years. November 5, 2006
Patrick Hogan, President, Sino Technologies

Over my 15 year career as a strategic IT architect and business development executive, I have seen some extraordinary persons with that unique mix of technical prowess and relationship management…. Ed Dodds is the most effective and genuinely talented person with this mix of skills ever. He has given me the most rewarding introductions of my professional career. August 24, 2005
John Hardin (deceased)

Ed’s ability to research and locate relevant and insightful connections and potential technology linkages is uncanny and at times seems almost preordained. He is also a great pleasure to work with and a great facilitator. July 29, 2005
David R.R. Webber

Ed is truly a one of a kind person. His wonderful go get’em approach to problems makes him a joy to work with. Ed has one of the most positive attitudes I’ve ever been around and he never seems to sweat the small stuff. January 30, 2009
Jerry Baker/Conexess LLC; Former Regional Director, Compuware Corporation

I have worked with Ed on two different assignments. At our current assignment Ed was brought in to do specialized web based marketing related reporting. He did an excellent job during the time he was on project. I worked with Ed on a previous assignment as well. He is very insightful, and works well with customers. September 1, 2008
Lonnie Harriford, Sr. Project Manager, Compuware Corporation @ Conclusive Marketing

I want to thank you very much for doing this posting on such a short time frame. The journal looks great and I love the way you’ve set it up. We really appreciate your efforts!
Fran Perveiler, Vice President, Communications, HIMSS

World Convention was established in 1930 to provide means of global fellowship and cooperation among churches with their origins in the Stone-Campbell movement. The next convention is slated for Goiana, Goias, Brazil in July, 2012. Woodmont Hills Family of God has been a powerful influence to the Stone-Campbell heritage churches through your hosting the Stone-Campbell Dialogue a few years ago, and your gracious accommodation to First Christian Church, and our former Executive Director and his wife, Jeff and Rosemary Weston. We share the gift Ed Dodds has been to us through his expertise in technology and consistent encouragement to try the next innovation. December 2009
Julia Keith, Office Coordinator, World Convention

I appreciate your contribution during your first year with Compuware. You’ve made an excellent impression at several clients and with the branch office staff as well. Congratulations! 2001
Mike Chester, Compuware

While working with us as a two person non-profit organization office dealing with a global constituency, Ed’s consultancy approach has taken us from a position of very little knowledge and experience with computers and contemporary technological developments to a totally new approach and capacity. He has taken us personally as career-change people from being relatively ignorant of today’s technological opportunities to a position of comfort and independence with all we do. We can plan ahead for, grow into, and absorb new developments as they have come on stream and he always has our next step in mind!

Ed has worked with us to: envision our needs and equip ourselves appropriately; develop our hard copy and electronic publications; help us become familiar with, and effectively use, all our software and hardware; develop our contacts through effective use of bulk e-mailing; build our electronic databases; create an effective web page and links; and become familiar with the new terminology and technology we’ve needed. He has saved our budget valuable time and money many times over. If it were not for Ed’s vision, knowledge, skills and continued encouragement, we would be struggling to do a portion of what we now achieve.

Ed’s clear thinking has helped us analyze the technology and systems our work situation needs, and to find the appropriate answers in minimum time. He has proved to us time and again that he can “suffer fools gladly,” taking clients from where they are to where they need to be with patience, courtesy and good humour! He does everything with a sense of commitment to his clients, their vision and mission. Ed is very practical with his help.

Ed is extremely knowledgeable, and with his wide experience and constant reading is always on the frontier of new developments in hardware, software, systems and technology. Without reservation, we are pleased to recommend using Ed’s expertise to any group or individual needing to develop new skills, knowledge and capacity for reaching “the world out there.” Any non-profit group or business seeking to improve and develop its computer technology, and of its use of the Internet would, we believe, be helped enormously by Ed Dodds. January 1998
Lorraine and Lyndsay Jacobs, General Secretaries, World Convention

At our recent board meeting, we voted unanimously to commend you for your work at the historical society, especially in setting up our home page and in taking leadership for computerization of our ministry. As president [of the board of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society], it is my pleasure to tell you of the board’s admiration for your skills and dedication to the society. Your work goes far beyond “official expectations,” … I’m using this vehicle (e-mail) to convey our thanks to you because you have so effectively adapted to 21st century technology and made it another friend of the society. Best wishes. We are looking forward to what your knowledge and creativity will bring us next.
Debra B. Hull, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Wheeling Jesuit College, Wheeling, WV

Congratulations on being “ahead of the game” in terms of on-line resources. It has been a challenge to those of us who grew up with old Underwoods and five carbon copies of theses, delved into dusty old journals and traveled thousands of miles to find other original sources – it has been a challenge just to realize the vast amount of information which is suddenly at one’s fingertips. You have multiplied many times over the potential for service of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.
Robert Fife

I am amazed at the amount of material I found concerning the Disciples of Christ denomination and its Historical Society on the Internet.
Dwight Cooper, McGill Library, Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

You are definitely earning your money. Your [Disciples of Christ Historical Society] web page has improved incredibly in the last year.
Lester McGrath-Andino, Seminario Evangelico de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

Thanks for the info on the home page of the Historical Society. Keep up the good work. I will be checking out the different resources you referenced.
Tim Teater

Wow. Great resource for what we’re trying to do. Thank you. [Disciples of Christ Historical Society web site]
Tim Fletcher

Fantastic Internet Web Site!! [Disciples of Christ Historical Society web site]
Jim Durham

[RE: Conmergence] Perhaps the ultimate HIT wonk blog? Sometimes Ed Dodds’ posts are long and thoughtful, sometimes he re-posts public notices, or puts in a two-word recommendation to an external site. Lots and lots of long lists of names, chapters, external links, etc., leave you in a quagmire of thought you wish you had time to slog around in. The net result is kind of like opening up Rain Man’s cranium and watching the neurons fire as he counts the toothpicks in slow motion.
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