Comment on Jay Deragon’s “Businesses Fear the Social Web”

<ed.note>Jay writes here. I writes here:

Jay, what businesses truly fear ( and by businesses I mean the non-outsourceable management strata ) is that social web collaboration will accomplish that which the dying unions have been unable — put a magnifying glass on the practice of structurally redefining employees as contractors ( permalancers to use the "in" term du jour ) in order to avoid paying benefits. The not very publicized case of Viacom ( ) is case in point. What businesses have failed to realize is that if they remove that one benefit for which most people strive ( health insurance for family members ) there is truly very little loss in walking out on a substandard business culture — see: Bob Sutton and the "No AH Rule" ( ) and the ROWE concept ( ). What we need are bosses who aren’t afraid of employpreneurs and some venture money to back them.</ed.note>