College Launches Research Facility With Real-Time Connectivity

6/29/2006 Walters-Storyk Design Group

The Gene Center at Hunter College in New York, NY, recently opened a new Internet2 Distance Research & Learning Facility. Designed by the Walters-Storyk Design Group, the new facility is driven by high-speed Internet2 transmission and promotes real-time collaborative experimentation and teaching projects within the international gene research community.

“Internet2 speed, reliability, and clarity will enable us to virtually share the same laboratory with colleagues at over 200 research institutions and universities in this country and with similarly equipped institutions around the world,” said Robert Dottin, Ph.D., director of the Gene Center for the Study of Gene Structure & Function.

The facility is comprised of two rooms, which include soundproof doors, acoustic ceiling treatments, and dual interior windows to create a sound lock. WSDG also incorporated a sound curtain to block any nearby street noise leakage. Equipment includes a flat panel monitor, projectors, a video camera for robotic tracking, wireless microphones, and retractable projection screens. The entire complex can be controlled by a single Crestron touch screen mounted on the lectern in Conference A or via a computer in the adjacent support office.

A mobile studio has also been designed to provide full AV and Internet connectivity to individual labs within the Hunter College Gene Center. This studio can monitor real-time experiments ranging from behavioral studies of live lab mice to collaborative microscopy, and transmit live coverage to research institutions and universities participating in the Internet2 network.