Colleagues are something for which to be thankful

It is a mixed blessing being a technologist theist. The best part is that it gives you someone to be ultimately thankful to for the many assets provided in these times in which we live.

Colleagues are good things. Jim Long and the programmers at GM Spring Hill Manufacturing (Compuware, EDS, GM, Xerox before my time) taught me how to divide a software problem up into modules (functional concepts in classic VB); Mike Mancour and Lonnie Harriford how the same approach can be applied well to team programming. Greg Wernke taught me to QA with diligence. John Casillas pointed me in the open source direction with a comment while working with the late John Hardin on the COMBAT initiative. Mark Charleton crystallized the business case for adopting frameworks. Freddie O’Connell mentioned he thought of me when he saw an API story, a theme which continues to resonate. David Siegel, John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Kingsley Idehen have enlightened me re: the Pull approach. There are so many more of you (too numerous to mention) which make each day land in the hope side of the ledger vs. despair. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thanks for the gifts you’ve already given me.