Cloud Computing and its Applications, October 22 and 23, 2008

Dramatic growth in data and equally rapid decline in the cost of highly integrated clusters has spurred the emergence of the data center as the platform of choice for a growing class of data-intensive applications. To encourage conversations between those developing applications, algorithms, software, and hardware for such "cloud" platforms, we are convening the first workshop on Cloud Computing and its Applications (CCA’08).

This workshop will include a mixture of invited and contributed talks on cloud computing, data intensive scalable computing, and related topics.

Topics of interest include:

  • compute and storage cloud architectures and implementations
  • map-reduce and its generalizations
  • programming models and tools
  • novel data-intensive computing applications
  • data intensive scalable computing
  • distributed data intensive computing
  • content distribution systems for large data
  • data management within and across data centers

If you would like to give a contributed talk, please submit a five page extended abstract by August 15, 2008. These submissions will also be used to select papers for a poster session. Extended abstracts should be submitted to: