Cleversafe’s desktop for access to dispersed storage grid


Nov 14 — The Cleversafe project, developers of open source Dispersed Storage software, has launched a new open source project, called Cleversafe Desktop, which is an open source application with a graphical user interface (GUI) that improves visual presentation, ease of use and efficiencies for users storing data on open source dispersed storage grids.

The Cleversafe Desktop will provide a way for anyone, technical or otherwise, to take advantage of Dispersed Storage, and complements Cleversafe’s other interfaces, Command Line Interface (CLI), Dispersed Storage Grid File System (DSGFS) and Dispersed Storage API (DSAPI), the Cleversafe project said last week..

The new desktop project allows easier and more intuitive access to a dispersed storage grid, such as the Cleversafe Research Storage Grid, a freely available, multi-terabyte globally dispersed storage test grid, the Cleversafe project said. An XML (Extensible Markup Language) interface within Cleversafe Desktop allows users to specify what data to retrieve by assigning policies to data sets, such as backup after 30 days, or in relation to a certain set of files if there is a change, according to the Cleversafe project.

… Cleversafe LLC, a company in Chicago, Illinois providing commercial dispersed storage software and services, decided to open source the initial release of dispersed storage software for a number of reasons including because open source enables comprehensive development of a variety of connector software to enable all types of applications and environments to benefits from dispersed storage, and effective security software is based on software that has been reviewed by a global community of security experts versus. a few developers of proprietary software within one company, Cleversafe said.

In order for the world to accept and embrace the benefits of dispersed storage, Cleversafe felt that Dispersed Storage had to be an open technology in the same way that TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) had to be an open technology in order for the world to embrace the Internet, the company said.