“How We Got Here.” Patrick Mead – Minister at the Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, TN

Patricia Harrod-Wyrosdick posted in Facebook – These podcasts are a MUST listen to! Learn in a step-by-step method why the Church of Christ, Christian Churches, and Disciples teach what they do and how they originated. You might be shocked to learn the truth if you have never studied the Stone-Campbell journey or heard this before now. This is a excellent series on “How We Got Here.” Patrick Mead – Minister at the Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, TN – digs deep into the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. He provides clarity to questions that many are afraid to even ask. We should study with eyes and hearts wide-open and be able to accept truth over traditions of man. Amen!

How We Got Here
Part 1

How We Got Here
Part 2

How We Got Here
Part 3

How We Got Here
Part 4

How We Got Here
Part 5

How We Got Here
Part 6

How We Got Here
Part 7 (Audio has a late start.)

How We Got Here
Part 8 (Conclusion)
Patrick Mead interviewed by Trace Hebert

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Why USA (or any) Workers Don’t Make Progress

1) Global corporatist (no national allegiances) CEOs extravagantly compensated
2) Citizen United allows CSuites unlimited “legal” PACs and Dark Money to “lobby” all candidates from both parties
3) No talk of “SayOnPay” or elimination of various preferred stock classes and similar crony capitalism oligarchical mechanisms, or meaningful stock grants to employees
4) Diversionary talk of unlivable Living Wages / increased minimum wages (shiny metal $15 an hour red herrings)

Some Religious Sociology

Reading Emergence of the “Church of Christ” Denomination by David Edwin Harrell, Jr., Ph.D. about sociology’s view of the “sect to denomination” process as it applies to this American Reformation | Restorationist group and today’s Congregational Consulting Group’s PERSPECTIVES article by Sarai Rice on Denominational Dematurity.

Progression of “sect”, “institutional sect”, “denomination”; and life cycle of churches.

See also Generationally Rethinking Church with Dick Hamm.