“Medicare for All” House Hearing | C-SPAN

The House Rules Committee held a hearing on “Medicare for All” proposals.

Michael C. Burgess M.D.
U.S. Representative
[R] Texas
Tom Cole
U.S. Representative
[R] Oklahoma
Sara Collins
Vice President
Commonwealth Fund->Health Care Coverage and Access
Jim McGovern
U.S. Representative
[D] Massachusetts
Ed Perlmutter
U.S. Representative
[D] Colorado
Jamie Raskin
U.S. Representative
[D] Maryland
Mary Gay Scanlon
U.S. Representative
[D] Pennsylvania
Grace-Marie Turner
Founder and President
Galen Institute
Rob Woodall
U.S. Representative
[R] Georgia

January 2013 – The Healthcare Payments Hub: A New Paradigm for Funds and Data Transfers in Healthcare

from the HIMSS Medical Banking Project World Bank Task Force

There is opportunity for providers, payers, banks, financial networks, and healthcare clearinghouses to establish an interoperable healthcare payments “hub” that enables Straight Through Processing of healthcare financial transactions This hub is intended to demonstrate bottom line financial advantage to each of the counterparties and/or stakeholders involved.


Dispelling the Myth that Healthcare Regulatory Compliance is Inherently Addressed within Existing Controls, WEDNESday, JUNE 27, 2012, 1:30 – 3:00 pm EST

Join this panel discussion to identify your risk and exposure to PHI disclosures

Attend this compelling panel webinar to learn why the healthcare legislation of HIPAA, ARRA/HITECH and safeguarding protected heath information (PHI) is so critical, what the ramifications may be of not meeting compliance, and what you can do to protect your organization and mitigate risk of PHI disclosure.

All financial institutions, including their suppliers, clients and other supporting stakeholders, are likely processing PHI and should be attend to learn more about:

The latest legislative regulations of HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH and other compliance mandates regarding financial institutions;
Potential ramifications of unlawful disclosure of PHI and how to prepare your organization;
Planning preparations to take so to mitigate the risk of PHI disclosure;
Clarification on requirements for business associates and covered entities;
Whether or not all financial institutions are “created equal” in addressing compliance issues;
Defining your organization’s risk tolerance; and
Details on organizations available to assist with addressing risk mitigation.

Lee Barrett, the Executive Director of the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), will host this session as moderator. He will be joined by a panel of financial services and legal professionals from the healthcare industry with HIPAA, ARRA/HITECH and PHI expertise to answer questions related to healthcare data privacy and security initiated by both the moderator and webinar attendee submissions.


Lee Barrett, Executive Director, Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC)
John Casillas, Senior Vice President, HIMSS Medical Banking Project
Jan Estep, President, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association
Alberto Casas, Vice President, CitiBank
Vincent Marzula, Senior Vice President, Mellon Bank
Sharon Klein Esq, Pepper Hamilton LLP


C-level executives; compliance officers; and healthcare business owners, managers and directors within finance, IT and operations from financial institutions, lockboxes, clearinghouses, third-party processors, healthcare organizations and payers.

Visit www.ehnac.org for more information.

Will the FTC Crackdown on Medical Banking?

Jim Daly, “The Fed’s Underwriting Crackdown”, Digital Transactions, February 2012, pp. 14-17 (online here) discusses the risks associated with fraudulent (RCCs) remotely created checks and (RCPOs) remotely created payment orders and unscrupulous clearinghouse executives who look the other way.

[Update, related] Just noticed that John Casillas, Senior Vice President
HIMSS Medical Banking Project (and all things financial, really), recently posted a pointer to and noting that American Banker lists “Health Wealth Portal”, a medical banking idea, as #1 Big Idea among 12 finalists over at (shameless plug) the LinkedIn Medical Banking group (Members 399):
To promote the latent integration of banking technology, infrastructure and credit with healthcare administrative and clinical operations.

Medical Banking News

Medical Banking Set To Play A Bigger Role For Banks

The future rarely arrives when planned

SWIFT proposes new security vehicle

Who Do You Trust More with Your Data: Facebook or a Bank? A financial cooperative proposes a new way to store your data online

HIMSS World Bank Task Force

Here is some new information regarding HIMSS SHIFT, the latest incarnation of the Medical Banking Project Institute.

Also see the CARTES in North America conference

Repost – Wireless Health – New Mentor at Blueprint Health and Lessons from Venture “Assistant”, Vinod Khosla

Paul Sonnier writes:

Group: Wireless Health
Subject: New Mentor at Blueprint Health and Lessons from Venture “Assistant”, Vinod Khosla

Dear Wireless Health group members,

I founded the group to connect people, facilitate knowledge sharing, and accelerate health-related business innovations by entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies. Helping entrepreneurs is something that I’m particularly passionate about. In this context, I am excited to announce that I am now a mentor at Blueprint Health, the health and wellness-focused startup accelerator based in New York City.

In a recent interview, Vinod Khosla – who just closed a new $1B investment fund – stated that he is a “venture assistant”, not a venture capitalist. The hands-on assistance his firm provides to entrepreneurs is a core component of his investment success. A case in point is Jawbone, which was about to go under when Vinod invested in it. Vinod’s partner, David Weiden, made a key introduction to AT&T, whose distribution channel enabled a massive growth in sales, thus saving the company. (It’s noteworthy that UP, the company’s newest product is, you guessed it, a personal connected health solution. Another portfolio company is ZocDoc, the OpenTable-like application for making healthcare appointments.)

Why does this matter? In the relatively chaotic and burgeoning digital health innovation space, the startups that succeed will most likely do so as a result of the hands-on assistance provided by mentors and investors, who partner with them and amplify their talents via strategic advice, key introductions, and the ability to foresee and help guide entrepreneurs through the inevitable pivot points that occur along the way.

In my evolution as a social and business entrepreneur, the Blueprint Health mentor role is a huge step forward and further validation of my efforts. I’m eager to focus my energy on helping entrepreneurs, starting with the inaugural class this January. This is not a full-time role and I’ll continue working with the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, serving as a co-chair of the Healthcare Communications SIG at CommNexus San Diego and, of course, curating and building the Wireless Health LinkedIn group.

A brief overview of Blueprint Health:
Blueprint Health is a TechStars affiliated startup accelerator program based in NYC that helps early stage healthcare companies get started. Surround yourself with nearly 100 mentors – healthcare entrepreneurs, VCs and innovators – that want to help you succeed! Over the course of a 3 month program, we support entrepreneurs who are building innovative companies at the intersection of health and technology by providing capital, office space and, most critically, access to the most robust community of healthcare mentors of any accelerator program. We encourage you to learn more and to apply to our Winter program, which starts January 12th, by visiting http://www.blueprinthealth.org/

Mentor list: http://www.blueprinthealth.org/index.php?page=mentors
Recent media: http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/19/nyc-startup-accelerator-blueprint-health-now-accepting-applications/

Also, here’s a link to the fascinating interview with Vinod Khosla: What Cash Crunch? Khosla Ventures Closes Another $1 Billion Fund – http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/13/khosla-ventures-1-billion-fund/

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/WirelessHealth1
Connect with me on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/psonnier
Posted By Paul Sonnier, MBA

HIMSS G7 designs “Financial Node” at the Interoperability Showcase, Vanderbilt Center for Better Health, Wednesday, September 14 – Nashville, TN

Be a pioneer of the first financial node!

Help design the first financial node at the Interoperability Showcase in September…and see it featured next February at HIMSS12!

Ensure that your organization is poised for success – by being at the drawing board of this exciting new program. The HIMSS G7 agenda will focus on high-impact industry challenges such as:

ICD-10 5010 migration issues and solutions
Electronic integration of payment and remittance data (payer to bank to provider)
Convergence of financial and clinical information to support ACOs – especially at point of care
Identity integrity issues and solutions that leverage banking technologies and processes
Health Insurance Exchange challenges and resolutions
Attendance is limited so register early!
Exclusively for HIMSS Members.
$550 Attendance Fee
Register by contacting Ebony Morgan at emorgan@himss.org or 312-915-9249.

About the Venue:
The Vanderbilt Center for Better Health
is a specialized work environment that accelerates group planning – perfect for hosting the first G7 Roundtable. The Center utilizes a proven process that guides participants through high-value learning exercises with actionable results.

Time for catching up



# # # # March 4, 2011 # # # #

Haven’t been blogging much personal stuff lately — tweetin’ and Facing mainly (@ed_dodds, @conmergence, @project_network). HIMSS11 has happened; didn’t attend but really looking forward to news out of the 9th Annual Medical Banking Project sponsored Institute, especially the working being done by John Casillas, Jim St. Clair and Eric Cohen on things XBRLish as relates to healthcare and the World Bank/World Health Organization/global health related tangent re: mobile money, mHealth, and mPayments which Angela Dunbar is patiently encouraging. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the work that John Phelan and June St. John and a cast of other visionaries are producing, but let’s be honest about where my passion is ;)

Got news this week that vc4africa completed the first venture capital funding deal (market-fleas.com). Ben White et. al. are to be commended for taking the world wide web and making it an asset for African entrepreneurs.

Takeshi Utsumi’s Global University collaboration initiative chugs along as he seeks to extend the Global Early Warning System (GEWS) concept to African nations as the global broadband build out enables cluster clouds to crunch big data virtually anywhere.

Mental Placeholder links here:

The Cloud-Enabled Space Weather Platform


ESG Gateway at the National Center for Atmospheric Research


The Earth System Grid – Center for Enabling Technologies


Ranger Supercomputer Supports Microclimate Forecasting


The majority of the World Convention site rework has been completed. Some tweaking will be on-going. Julia Keith as the hub of cyber activities around Global Women Connecting has been enthusiastic about adopting and extending “all things over IP” comms tools and Gary Holloway continues to travel and meet folks from the global Campbell-Stone family of churches while facing the fundraising challenges all NPOs are dealing with (Deana’s staff [more like family, really] at United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee have this in spades with the consequences of the Nashville floods on area families and individuals who live with disabilities).

The Shepherds at Woodmont Hills have authorized an ad hoc committee to analyze and review all comms related activity that the congregation currently undergoes in hopes of “shepherding” all of our assets and processes into a more unified and effective approach re: our resources. I hope this will produce an “infrastructure” which will enable the Mission Committee to be as effective as possible re: it’s obligations to our various global colleagues.

“Open” groups continuing to grow on LinkedIn.

More folks investigating Results-Only Work Environments.

Interoperancy and hyperlocality affecting the eNews biz as well as the Edison-Carterification of smart phones and other similar devices.

Time to wade out of this stream of consciousness for awhile…

World Health Organization