Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination, Robert Compton on C-SPAN

<ed.note>Note: 1) China and India DO NOT emphasize junior high and high school athletics (because the chances that that will bring one out of poverty are amazingly low). 2) When a child shows an aptitude for a subject the parents hire a tutor (FWIW: South Korea sometimes hires from the States and Skylake Incuvest, a South Korean investment fund specializing in the technology sector, thinks there's money to be made here). Wouldn't it be weird if the US (the parents thereof) ACTUALLY valued STEM education (instead of just the politically correct rhetorizing about it)? Think of the boon a combined fiber and distributed clean energy generation smart grid build out model could be for rural economies and what a platform for virtual tutoring that eco friendly grid could be? BTW: I admin Project Net-Work Group on — invite here if you're about more than lip service.</ed.note>

Text from C-SPAN, links mine: Robert Compton talked about his documentary Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination (Youtube Trailer here),
which compares and contrasts the education experiences of six students;
two from each of the countries of India, China, and the United States.
Video clips were shown as he talked about the statistics on the amount
of time spent in the classroom, the influence of the students' parents
on their decisions to pursue a certain career, and the degree to which
those choices impact their free time during their high school years.
Two million minutes is roughly four years, the amount of time high
school students have to prepare for higher education and their careers.
Mr. Compton talked about the importance of education to competing in
the new global economy and that people in other countries took it much
more seriously. He said that although many middle and high schools were
using his video, schools of education had rejected any need to learn
about the educational systems in competing countries.

Venture capitalist Robert Compton's travels to India in 2005 and
2006 laid the groundwork for his decisions to author a blog, publish a
book called Blogging Through India, and produce the documentary.

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