Can We Compete? Trends in America’s Scientific and Technical Workforce, Washington, DC, November 1-2, 2007

<ed.note>Too bad these stellar techies aren’t aware of concalls, online forums ( AlwaysOn Networks uses Leverage Software’s forum thingie successfully at all of their events ), wikis, streaming video, etc. which would allow the folks in the field they purport to represent participate in real-time instead of geolocking the event in lobbyist land. Ah, well, I guess this goes to indicate the openness, quality and transparency of STEM leadership in the US; I wonder if that could be part of the "problem"?</ed.note>

Hosted by the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology, Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

This national conference will bring together policymakers, higher education administrators, corporate hiring mangers, non-profit and business executives, workforce analysts, and others to address major issues impacting America’s scientific and technical workforce. Plenaries and panel presentations will feature experts on science and engineering data, policy and practice.

The conference will draw in part on data derived from CPST’s on-going STEM Workforce Data Project.

Registration for the conference is now closed except to accredited members of press. Representatives of the press may contact Nicole Di Fabio at (202) 326-7080 or email to request admission credentials.