Business Opportunity in Scalable Computing

Nine Sigma ( ) is a company that facilitates open Innovation process between service providers and business sponsors. NineSigma achieves this by launching/administering “Requests For Proposals” on behalf of their large corporate clients (typically Fortune Global 500 companies e.g. GM, GE, P&G, 3M, Dow, DuPont etc.) for consulting, R&D, joint development, partnerships, licensing, acquisition, supplier agreements and so on. Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network  came to know about one such RFP in the area of cloud computing.
A client of Nine Sigma is seeking “Development Partners for Automated Software Parallelization within Cloud Computing Environment”. The ultimate goal is to enable automatic, optimal software parallelization in about 5 years from now. A fund of around $100,000 is available per year for this engagement. More details of this RFP are available at this URL:
Please note that the due date as per the RFP document is 8th March.  But, as an exception, NineSigma will accept proposals from DSKTN members until 22nd March 2010.
If you or any of your business partners in your supply chain are interested in this RFP, please submit a short proposal as per details mentioned in the RFP document. For any questions or clarifications, please interact with NineSigma directly using contact details available in the RFP document.
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Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network
Scalable Computing Team