BRIDGS to Publish JDF Guide

By Janice Reese, Advisory Board Member,, JDF Bulletin Vol 4 Iss 2

Network PDF in conjunction with BRIDGS is developing an educational guide to explain JDF from the creative perspective — addressing JDF as it applies to file origination through to finishing. The 16-page guide will be developed with support from corporate sponsors as part of an educational initiative to “make print simple” and will be available this fall.

Trish Witkowski, President of Finishing Experts Group, Inc., will be developing the content in partnership with Network PDF and BRIDGS. Much of her career has been focused on education and standardization in the area of print finishing — she is the creator of the FoldRite System, which won a GATF InterTech Technology award in 2004, and has enjoyed success as a creative director and freelance designer, and teacher of graphic design and print production at the college level. Trish holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and a master of science degree in graphic arts publishing from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Printing Management and Sciences.

Network PDF is focused on bringing innovative technologies to the forefront, helping businesses make measurable improvements to make print and communications simple.

BRIDGS publications provide tools for graphic communications professionals to stay current with the demands of the marketplace and to make effective use of desktop technology. In addition, BRIDGS has a School Support Program to distribute and provide the content to schools and universities to support graphic arts education curriculum. They work closely with industry standards groups to foster education and awareness as we move to a digital global network.

For sponsor information and further details contact Janice Reese by email: or by telephone at: +1-615-876-8738.

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