Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery and Validation, September 17-19, 2007, Philadelphia

Track 1: Third Annual Genomic Biomarkers
Track 2: Fifth Annual Protein Biomarkers
Track 3: Eighth Annual Metabolic Biomarkers
Track 4: Third Annual Toxicity Biomarkers

Event features:
Network with 400+ delegates
Get access to FOUR established meetings under one roof
Choose from a greater selection of pre-conference workshops and tutorials
Learn about new tools at the expanded exhibit hall and new technology showcases
Experience a Biomarker Series event, now in its 5th year
Featured Speakers:

William B. Mattes, Ph.D., Director of Toxicology, The Critical Path Institute
Carrie Brodmerkel, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Medicine, Centocor R&D
Hans Winkler, Ph.D., Senior Director, Functional Genomics, Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D
Koustubh Ranade, Ph.D., Director, Pharmacogenomics & Human Genetics, Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Emanuel F. Petricoin, Ph.D., Co-Director, Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine; and Professor of Life Sciences, George Mason University
Sunil Kadam, Ph.D., Research Scientist Medical Genomics, Eli Lilly & Co
Stephen Furlong, Ph.D., Director, Discovery Medicine, AstraZeneca
Viswanath Devanarayan, Ph.D., Associate Director, Experimental Medicine & Biomarkers, Merck Research Labs
Jean Lee, Ph.D., Scientific Director, PKDM, Amgen Inc.
Frances Clemo, Ph.D., Director, Safety Sciences, Pfizer Global R&D
Weida Tong, Ph.D., Director, Center for Toxicoinformatics, National Center for Toxicological Research, FDA
Jinzhi Chen, Ph.D., Head Genetics/Genomics, Proteomics/Biomarker Discovery, Roche Palo Alto
John J. Sninsky, Ph.D., Vice President, Discovery Research, Celera Diagnostics
Qiuwei Xu, Ph.D., Merck Research Laboratories
Jill M. Kolesar, Pharm.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mark E. Curran, Ph.D., Director, Biomarker Biology, Clinical Discovery Technologies, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Glenn A. Miller, Ph.D., Genzyme Analytical Services
Richard Beger, Ph.D., Branch Chief, Center for Metabolomics, Division of Systems Toxicology, National Center for Toxicological Research
William Hancock, Ph.D., Bradstreet Chair, Barnett Institute, and Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Northeastern University
Kevin Wang, Ph.D., Director, Center for Neuroproteomics and Biomarkers Research, McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida
George Calin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Molecular Virology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University
Daniel Raftery, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University
Vladimir Tolstikov, Ph.D., Director, Metabolomics Core, UC Davis Genome Center
Natalie J. Serkova, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Radiology, Cancer Center MRI/MRS Core, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

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