Announcements: IMS Interop; Semantic Wiki

Hi Semantic Wiki people,

today we invite people to present a
Lightning Talk on any topic around Semantic MediaWiki in our upcoming
third sessions in the Semantic Wiki Mini series,an online event with
regularly 30+ participants + much used audio recordings.

invite presentations both from developers and users. The audience is
rather diverse, ranging from high-profile experts to novice users.

Details of the last session can be found here.

case you would like to present something in the next session devoted
completely to Semantic MediaWiki and the universe of extensions around
it,please send me a short mail with your title, abstract (ca. 1-3
sentences).Slides will be due begin of next week (Tuesday).
If you have any other suggestion or comment regarding the Mini Series, please feel free to tell us.

Please forward this call to interested parties.

Kind Regards,

Max Völkel |

# # # #

Hello All,

you may be aware, the IMS/NGN Forum has scheduled its sixth plugfest
during the week of January 12, 2009 at the Interoperability Lab at the
University of New Hampshire.

We are looking for additional UE equipment for our IMS interoperability testing for voice, video and multimedia.

you'd like to participate or make recommendations on obtaining the UE, 
please feel free to post back to the list or to myself directly (Email:   UE providing at least a subset of the
following features/support would be of most interest for this coming

* Support of AKA v1/v2 MILENAGE
* Support of IPsec (with IK/CK from the AKA)
* Support of TLS (optional, if IPsec is used)
* Support for subscription to reg event package
* Support for network deregistration
* Support for presence
* Support of SIP based message (MESSAGE method)
* Support for PRACK

We appreciate your help and support.

Best regards,
Manuel Vexler
Chair Technical Working Group, IMS/NGN Forum