Alan Honey and John Koisch on Services and the HL7 V3 Messaging Dynamic Model

Alan P. Honey writes:

Attached is a paper written by John Koisch (currently with the VA) and myself which carried out an analysis and comparison of SOA and current/proposed HL7 messaging methodology and artifacts. An earlier overview version of this was presented and discussed in a joint MnM-SOA session in January at San Diego and was also circulated on some lists (SOA at least). We have made a fair number of revisions based on feedback from a number of people. We had discussed having another joint MnM-SOA session in Cologne, but I am not sure we have managed to get it onto the agendas. If we still do, then we can discuss this then, otherwise we can set up a teleconference sometime afterwards. Either way, we are happy to take comments in any form.

Where next is a good question, and to be honest I don’t know. Suggestions welcome :-)