"The Association for the Development of Religious Information Services was established in 1971 to facilitate coordination and coooperation among information services that pertain to religion. Its goal is to promote worldwide networking to foster organizational cooperation to reduce unnecessary program duplication, and to share applicable research data and tasks among diverse religious groups and agencies. ADRIS publishes a blog and provides information services consulting."

Dr. David O. Moberg, ADRIS Coordinator, Professor Emeritus, Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Marquette University, started a project which would create a directory, launch a newsletter, inspire both a series of web sites, including a blog. In addition, David attended and attends a variety of scholarly events encouraging the use of this technology and sharing his own research ( I’m still hoping he’ll launch his own blog — I’m being patient ). I was honored to be allowed to begin to work with him ( remotely ) just as the world wide web was beginning to dawn on the popular consciousness. We worked to build a network of folks concerned about how computers and data might be used to better the missions of manifold religious organizations.

We’ve come to a day of "pervasive search" — and we still await the promise of the semantic web’s delivery of meaniful distributed queries which will result in aggregated data from a variety of global sources, with all the metadata and standardization of taxonomies to make the results meaningful and useful. I’ve been monitoring the web site’s activity lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that it makes as much sense as any to repoint the domain to the <> category on Conmergence Blog and carry on posting here.

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