A Nation “More Riskier”

Jun 3, 2008, "California Still at Risk" By John Eger, http://www.govtech.com

Last April marked 25 years since the seminal report "A Nation at Risk" a document that became a milestone in the history of American education.

Historian Diane Ravitch called it "the most important reform document of the 21st century." As the report alleged, after nearly two years of study by a so-called blue-ribbon commission, there was poor academic performance "at nearly every level" of the education system; and the system itself was "being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity."

After 25 years, we are more at risk and our system of education sadly needs not simply reform, but a complete overhaul.

<ed.note>Hmmm. I cut my teeth in high school debate around "A Nation At Risk". I was at a Nashville Technology Council Conference two weeks past and the employers were talking about the lack of STEM students. When I asked them how many continued to practice "butts in seats" management vs. distributed digital enterprise-enabled results-only collaborative work environments it was clear that they are doing everything possible to disincent tech employment as a desirable occupation. And the education establishment is doing the same re: the application of existing cyber tools for higher quality distributed education. Has anyone done a comparison of national educational ratings vs. national broadband penetration? I’d really like to know if there is any correlation. Update: Wait, we have too many techies already — let’s fire some.</ed.note>