A Good Friday for Post-Congregationalists

<ed.note>I listen to audiobooks when possible ( fwiw – I like audible.com, store.audiotech.com, summary.com, some others ). It is interesting to me that the two recurring themes that stand out for me in the business management meme are the importance of servant leadership in the C-Suite ( including the ability to put your ego and vision on the shelf when circumstances dictate that that it is prudent ) and listening to the consumer ( and actually spending money on aligning your business practices and processes { yes this means ACTUAL I.T. capex spending [ over airplanes, race cars and yachts ] and employee education, eg – requiring that every employ be both tech and biz savvy, usually involving the statistical data warehouse and open comments on public facing web properties }).

Bill Kinnon captures this same spirit as applied to the tradition ecclesiastical structural deafness in the land at his ongoing posts found here.

A personal aside and hypothesis: you might think that US denominations exist for theological reasons — in fact, I would offer, it is to keep otherwise uninsurable ministers in affordable health insurance plans. Go ahead — ask your minister/pastor/priest — and then ask if anyone in the congregation can get the same deal. Then ask them why not.

Oh, and if you are wondering what I think the resolution to all this angst is going to be — ( it’s going to be a shocker coming from me ;-) — apply the Pauline edification imperative ( I Cor. 14:3-4 ) — via a globally distributed, open stance model — as the default answer to every discussion ( as opposed to the rote "congregational meeting drivification for 30 minutes to discuss something that should have been wikied" response ). Start there…</ed.note>