165,000 [Update to 104,870]

<ed.note>Conmergence blog rolled passed 150,000 pageviews. It’s read in well over a hundred countries. Yep, I know — surprised me, too. Then again, there was this very nice review|pointer earlier at the former the HIT Transition Weblog:

Conmergence – Perhaps the ultimate HIT wonk blog? Sometimes Ed Dodds’ posts are long and thoughtful, sometimes he re-posts public notices, or puts in a two-word recommendation to an external site. Lots and lots of long lists of names, chapters, external links, etc., leave you in a quagmire of thought you wish you had time to slog around in. The net result is kind of like opening up Rain Man’s cranium and watching the neurons fire as he counts the toothpicks in slow motion.