12th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (IHIMR) Extended Call for Papers

July 18 – 20, 2007, Sheffield, UK – Deadline for Submissions: 31 March 2007

Welcome to the 12th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (ISHIMR 2007). This years theme is "From Research to Development to Implementation: Challenges in Health Informatics and Health Information Management." Hosted by the University of Sheffield, ISHIMR 2007 brings together people who are carrying out, or are interested in, research and progress in health information management and health informatics. ISHIMR 2007 provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of research activities in health information management and health informatics.

ISHIMR 2007 is a response to identifying opportunities and challenges regarding the application of modern information management and informatics technology to provide technology-mediated solutions to healthcare practice and delivery issues faced by all stakeholders – i.e. healthcare professionals, managers, planners, patients and the public.

The multi-disciplinary field of healthcare is a massive generator and user of information and knowledge. Effective management and exploitation of this critical resource is fundamental to the effectiveness of all groups and individuals in this field, at strategic, management and operational levels. We therefore welcome paper submissions and delegates from the international healthcare community, particularly those with teaching/research responsibilities in health information management and health informatics, with clinical responsibilities, and those involved in provision of information and knowledge services.

The conference spans three days, and is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other health information academics and professionals from all over the world, creating an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and international knowledge sharing. A centre for excellence in health information management, the University of Sheffield is located in the heart of England, where youll find the beauty of the nearby Peak District National Park, a vibrant city undergoing revitalization with excellent hotels, restaurants, and shopping. The conference will be hosted in the St. Pauls hotel in the heart of the city centre, within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, and the University.

Papers may be submitted reporting on research in any area of health information management or health informatics. We particularly welcome papers which address the conference theme, "From research to development to implementation: challenges in health informatics and health information management."

Areas include, but are not restricted to, health information management and informatics research involving:

Knowledge management in healthcare

Information needs and information behaviours within health Interventions to improve the use of health and medical information Evidence-based health and social care Applications of GIS in public health Patient empowerment and patient education programs Healthcare information management systems e-Health Home monitoring and care systems Mobile health Telemedicine and telecare Telesystems and applications for support of care Knowledge Discovery in health and medical databases Implementing and managing clinical practice guidelines and clinical pathways Knowledge sharing in healthcare organizations and communities of practice Clinical decision support systems Health and healthcare ontologies Semantic interoperability Health and medical applications for data mining GRID applications Biomedical text mining Privacy, security, confidentiality and protection of healthcare information HCI issues of health care applications Health/Medical informatics training and education Principles and practices of project management for health systems implementation Evaluation of health information systems

For more information, please visit the ISHIMR website at:


We look forward to meeting you in Sheffield in July for what promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable event!

Peter Bath
Organising Committee Co-Chair
Programme Committee Co-Chair

Kendra Albright
Organising Committee Co-Chair

Tony Norris
Programme Committee Co-Chair [jesse]