10 Powerful open source e-Learning Systems

<ed.note>I've been becoming familiar with Open Journal Systems in my avocational time so when I saw this following article it caught my attention. If you are an educator in Tennessee (or anywhere, for that matter) and you use any of these tools I'd love to hear about your experiences. Tweet me at http://twitter.com/ed_dodds</ed.note>

Surely students are spending more time on their social network site than any other educational websites like wikipedia, howstuffworks, discovery etc, and there’s no way on earth anybody can stop them from doing so.

But the least any school can do is while those students are online is to give them little bit touch of education from their teachers or fellow friends. We can do this by getting the e-learning system up and running where teacher share learning materials, quiz, discussion, chat, document management and perhaps some social activities between friends.

These are some of the most powerful open source learning management system that can easily adopt by any school, institution or any communities. Most of the systems support SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model – a collection of standards and specifications for web-based elearning).