What Can Village Telco’s Steve Song Teach US NonProfits and Technology Vendors

or Make me Your Fellow???… anyone…anyone???

Target your assets on measurable results. If you’re a FOUNDATION, develop a FELLOWSHIP program, especially if you’re a technology vendor like Netsuite or Salesforce trying to gain marketshare at the same time you are trying to do social good. Then deploy these FELLOWS into the NPO field (SWAT Teams virtually connected) to help the organization with their integration architecture overview and deployment.

As for politicians, think tankers, pundits, public policy analysts: SHUT UP AND QUIT YOUR WHINING until you can SHOW ME THE MONEY about all of these STEMy job openings for which you just can’t find enough talent in the way Bloomberg Sportfolio explains the business of sport (and the unmentioned business of sports betting). Is there a Fantasy Football League of Geeks and Nerds anywhere? LinkedIn? Oracle Taleo? anyone??? anyone???

Here’s Steve’s story (thanks, Bertil van Vugt).