What’s Happening at Open Compliance and Ethics Group

December 1st – 15th, 2006, by Scott Mitchell, smitchell at oceg.org

OCEG Benchmarking Series Registration

OCEG is pleased to announce the launch of registration for the 2007 OCEG Benchmarking Series. Our first benchmarking study will open for data collection in January 2007 focused on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Strategy. Starting today you can register for one or all of our benchmarking studies; we’ve made it easy for you to complete demographic information once and reuse that information for each of the studies in the series. Use the various study reports to help you:

Design your strategic and tactical roadmaps
Show the value of your program and initiatives
Illustrate how your program compares
Craft your business case for improvement
Find out more information and register now at http://www.oceg.org/obs.

OCEG’s GRC Illustrated Series

If you’re looking for something visual to help your stakeholders understand the world and work of governance, risk and compliance, then GRC Illustrated is exactly what you’re looking for. In case you missed seeing the first release in the GRC Illustrated Series at Compliance Week – The “Big” Picture – it’s not too late for you to download it and read the article by going to http://www.oceg.org/view/IllustratedBigPic.

Subscribers can also see the next GRC Illustrated, Making the Business Case, by visiting Compliance Week.

OCEG Core Knowledge

We continue to seek your feedback on all our current core publications:

OCEG Foundation Guidelines
OCEG Helpline/Hotline Guide
OCEG Audit Guide
OCEG Metrics Guide

OCEG Domain Supplements

We’re currently seeking feedback on the following domain supplements:

Employment Domain

Contingent Workforce
Discrimination and Accommodation
Employee Information Privacy
Executive Compensation
Global Mobility and Immigration
Hiring and Retention
Termination and RIFs
Whistleblowing & Retaliation
Workplace Violence and Disaster Preparedness
Click here to review them – http://www.oceg.org/ExposureDrafts.aspx.