Tides Foundation Pizzigati Prize

Katrin Verclas writes:

NTENnies, Riders, and any and all open source developers!

Good deeds do get rewarded. 

If you know someone who’s been toiling in the open source vineyards, developing software that’s really helping a nonprofit succeed, check out the Tides Foundation Pizzigati Prize, a $10,000 annual award for outstanding contributions to software in the public interest.

The application deadline for this year’s prize: August 1. Find out more — and apply online — at www.pizzigatiprize.org.

Disclosure: I am on the advisory committee.

One special note: Last year’s inaugural Pizzigati Prize competition drew nominations from a variety of nationally recognizable open source talents. But you don’t have to have done work for a top-tier national nonprofit to be considered for Pizzigati Prize honors.

“We’re looking for people whose software is making a difference,” says Jason Sanders, the Tides Foundation philanthropic advisor who coordinates the Pizzigati Prize, “and that difference can be in any sized community.”

Indeed.  So apply, forward, spread the word. 

Thanks, and have a great weekend!


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