The Semantics of Security [ was Open Letter to Harold Ford { Update }]

<ed.note>The Tennessee Mule Day listing in the National Asset Database teaches us it is time for you to ask your politcian if they are "right on xml." Bob Glusko follows up his Needed: Terrorist Target Markup Language post with this. There are all kinds of subject matter experts doing good interoperability and semantic work out there; it’s time for the citizenry to step up to the plate and demand professionalism from their politicians. The technology (Web services and DOJ’s Global Justice eXtensible Markup Language) behind the recently completed National Sex Offender Public Registry (NSOPR) is both time and cost-effective, establishing "a link between existing state and territory public sex offender registries. The link allows data from different hardware and software systems to be recognized and shown through the national search site" shows it can be done when the public demands it. The Homeland Security and Justice departments National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) beta is another. Meanwhile, this is the status quo.</ed.note>

<ed.note>I submitted this comment at ~ 6:50 a.m. to his website at and to


Will you commit to creating an xml version of the federal budget which can be expressed in extensible business reporting language? If the SEC encourages corporations to do so why wouldn’t it make sense for the fedgov (and eventually, the States)?</snip>

He’s on CNBC this a.m. saying we should follow "good ideas" regardless where they come from. This is one. Let’s see if I get a meaningful response. [ Update: Devon Westerlund just responded "Thank you for your email.  I will pass the message along to Congressman Ford." That’s one step closer… ]</ed.note>

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