Semantic Issues in Integrating Data from Different Models to Achieve [ Healthcare ] Data Interoperability [ Update ]

Thanks to Gavin Brelstaff for a pointer to this paper by Rahil Qamara and Alan Rector

Matching clinical data to codes in controlled terminologies is the first step towards achieving standardisation of data for safe and accurate data interoperability. The MoST automated system was used to generate a list of candidate SNOMED CT code mappings. The paper discusses the semantic issues which arose when generating lexical and semantic matches of terms from the archetype model to relevant SNOMED codes. It also discusses some of the solutions that were developed to address the issues. The aim of the paper is to highlight the need to be flexible when integrating data from two separate models. However, the paper also stresses that the context and semantics of the data in either model should be taken into consideration at all times to increase the chances of true positives and reduce the occurrences of false negatives.

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