Rich data at the point of care

Posted on Mon, Jun 28, 2010 – 05:04 am at |

Recently, Keith Kleiner of posted on the Xprize promotional video for an AI physician on every smart phone. Artificial intelligence at the point of care will benefit from the kinds of IT advancements featured at the June 2010 Semantic Technology Conference. Semantics and linked data have already helped to revolutionize healthcare and life sciences research, enabling the querying of complex biomedical data sets and their visualization, the construction of knowledge sharing databases and repositories, and networking between researchers.

Semantic applications demonstrated at the Conference in healthcare, life sciences and related included electronic medical records, biomedical ontologies, disaster response and emergency management systems, disease monitoring, earthquake and water systems recovery, first responders building floor plans, horizon scanning, public health monitoring, and even cost management and accounting. To learn more about the field you can attend XML Summer School in September at Oxford.

Regarding interrelationships of data, the HIMSS Health Wealth Task Force was recently chartered. According to John Casillas, Senior Vice President, HIMSS Business-Centered Systems, this group will likely be affiliated with the futuristic thinking of HIMSS Medical Banking Project since the "Health-Wealth Platform looks at the boundaries of where we are going – linking mHealth with mPayments to meet the needs of the underserved, linking online banking with PHRs for the everyday household, linking customized genomics with a secure vault accessible with a digital ID stored at your bank (an area under review by the White House today), using a card for multiple financial and healthcare functions, including kiosk functions at local doctors’ office…and much more."

Concerning the continued convergence of medical and mobile banking, David Aylward, Executive Director, mHealth Alliance, has recently "commissioned a discussion starter paper on the intersection of mHealth and mPayments," which he is hoping will be completed in several months time.