Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.

The PCI Security Standards Council’s mission is to enhance payment account data security by fostering broad adoption of the PCI Security Standards. The organization was founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa International.

By establishing an independent body to govern the security standards for the payments industry, the founding members of the PCI Security Standards Council are creating a unified, global system that is more accessible and efficient for all stakeholders – merchants, processors, point-of-sale vendors, financial institutions, and payment companies alike.

The PCI Security Standards Council owns, develops, maintains and distributes the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS). To improve compliance and reduce costs and lead times for implementation of the standard, the PCI Security Standards Council also defines qualifications for Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs); and trains, tests and certifies QSAs and ASVs.

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