OnMedia 2010 Program February 1-3, 2010


Monday, February 1, 2010


Opening Night Remarks & Welcome
  Co-Host: Tony Perkins, Founder & Editor, AlwaysOn
  Co-Host: Arden Pennell, Program Director, AlwaysOn

The 2009 OnMedia 100: Where Are They Now?
  Jay MacDonald, Partner, De Silva & Philips
   Frank Addante, CEO, Rubicon Project


Introducing the 2010 OnMedia 100 Awards
Mike Monahan, Partner, KPMG
Overall Winner of OnMedia 2010: TBA


We Want Our Internet TV!
When will Web TV be mainstream and how will on-demand TV look?
Moderator: Quincy Smith, CBS Interactive
Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
Jim Lanzone, CEO, Clicker


Reception & Networking

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ballroom 1
Keynote: How to Save the Content Biz
Mark Cuban, Chairman, HDNet & Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Ballroom 1
What’s the Online Monetization Strategy that Will Save News & Publishing?
Moderator: Jessica Vascellaro, Reporter, Wall Street Journal
Mark Cuban, Chairman, HDNet & Owner, Dallas Mavericks
Greg Coleman, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Huffington Post
Steven Kydd, Executive Vice President, Demand Media

Ballroom 1

VC Industry in Transition — What’s Next ?
As the VC industry undergoes transition, experienced investors discuss the future of the asset class, particularly for digital content & ads
Bob Davis, General Partner, Highland Capital Partners
Alan Patricof, Founder & Managing Director, Greycroft Partners
Michael Greeley, General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners
Bo Yaghmaie, Partner, Cooley Godward Kronish
Andy Goldfarb, Executive Managing Director, Globespan Capital Partners

Ballroom 2
CEO Showcase — Wireless Marketing & Advertising
Moshe Vaknin, CEO, Todacell



11:00amBallroom 1

Fireside Chat: The Social-Media Future
David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor, Internet & Technology, Fortune
Tony Perkins, Founder & Editor, AlwaysOn

11:00amBallroom 2
CEO Showcase — Online Advertising Networks
Jeff Hirsch, CEO, AudienceScience
Jaan James, CEO, Pulse360

11:20amBallroom 1
Social Networks & Social Targeting—What Works?
Which analytics can monetize social relationships & activity across the Web? Which are top brand campaigns on or using social media?
Moderator: David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor, Internet & Technology, Fortune
Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across
Tom Phillips, CEO, Media6Degrees
Jessica Schell, SVP, NBC Universal
Dan Rose, VP Business Development & Monetization, Facebook
Jay Hallberg, CEO, Spiceworks



1:00pmBallroom 1

The Future of Ad Exchanges & Networks
Will Exchanges Grab Marketshare From Networks or Cater to Different Segments? How are Distribution & Bidding Evolving?
Don Ienner, CEO, IMO Entertainment
Brian O’Kelley, CEO, AppNexus
Lexi Reese, Director Content Network, Google
Rajeev Goel, CEO, PubMatic
Frank Addante, CEO, Rubicon Project

1:45pmBallroom 1
CEO Showcase Sessions
Rajeev Goel, CEO, PubMatic
Pamela Springer, CEO, Manta Media
Michael McNabb, CEO, Voyage.tv
Boris Fridman, CEO, Crisp Wireless

2:45pmBallroom 1

Outlook 2010: VC in Digital Content, Ads & Entertainment
VCs who "get" millennial Web use & consumption patterns discuss the evolution of investment in advertising, content monetization and publishing & distribution technologies — Which are top opportunities?
Moderator: Mike Monahan, Partner, KPMG
David Pakman, Partner, Venrock
Ian Sigalow, Principal, Greycroft Partners
Woody Benson, Partner, Prism VentureWorks
Warren Lee, Venture Partner, Canaan Partners
Amish Jani, Managing Director, FirstMark Capital

2:45pmBallroom 2

CEO Showcase Session — Next Generation Search
Chris Boone, CEO, Visuvi
Jon Federman, CEO, Searchandise



4:00pmBallroom 1

Introducing the Madison Avenue IT List

4:00pmBallroom 2

CEO Showcase Session — In-Content Advertising (Video, Music, Gaming)

4:45pmBallroom 1

Metrics = Money? 
How should traffic & engagement be measured? How can measurement optimize ads & brand campaigns?
Jai Haissman, CEO, Affective Interfaces
Konrad Feldman, CEO, Quantcast
Steve Goldman, CEO, Ace Metrix
Eric Best, CEO, Mercent

4:45pmBallroom 2

Branding for Good
The Intersection of Social Good & Corporate Profit
Jon Carson, CEO, BiddingForGood.com

5:30pmBallroom 1

Are Virtual Goods and Gaming the Holy Grail of Brand Integration?
Bubble Vs. Reality: Is the Virtual Economy Set to Keep Booming? How can Brands and Advertisers Profit?
Moderator: Atul Bagga, VP, ThinkEquity
Nir Eyal, CEO, AdNectar
Kevin Xu, COO, IGG
Mitch Davis, CEO, Live Gamer



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ballroom 1

Online Video –Who Profits?
With greater online aggregation and evolving ad technology, what are the 2010 monetization strategies of content owners and brands? Where do private companies fit?

Moderator: Peter Kafka, Senior Editor, All Things Digital, Wall Street Journal
Bill Rusitzky, Head Strategic Alliances Group, Adobe
Bryan Perez, SVP & GM of Digital, NBA
Jason Glickman, CEO, Tremor Media
Joy Marcus, U.S. Head, DailyMotion

Ballroom 1

Secrets of Successful Branded Content
How are agencies, brands & producers walking the line between ad & entertainment and successfully engaging consumers?

Doug Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment
Michael Siegenthaler, Director, MSN Branded Entertainment & Experiences Team, Microsoft
Jordan Levin, CEO, Generate

Ballroom 2

VC & Angel Financing Workshop



Ballroom 1
Keynote: How to Win in New Media
Strategies to Thrive in the Shakeout

Mike Kwatinetz, General Partner, Azure Capital

Ballroom 1
Capturing Major Markets: VC Success Strategies in Digital Media 
Moderator: Victor Boyajian, Global Chair, Sonnenschein Venture Technology Group
Mike Kwatinetz, General Partner, Azure Capital
Rick Heitzmann, Managing Director, FirstMark Capital
Satya Patel, Partner, Battery Ventures

Ballroom 2

CEO Showcase Session — Analytics, Metrics, Measurement & Research

Ballroom 1

The New Madison-Avenue Campaign
Agencies & Brands Offer an Insider Look at Successful Partnerships
Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus &  Kristin Ganong, VP, Diageo

Ballroom 2

CEO Showcase Sessions –Community Platforms



Ballroom 1

What the Online Buy is Really Worth–and How we Buy It
Moderator: Max Herrnstein, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Ballroom 1

Mobile Ads & Apps –What’s Best for Content Owners and Brands?
Technologists & content owners gather in one discussion to talk about what’s working and how they partner to tap into mobile-scale revenue
June Bower, VP Marketing, Cisco
Jeff Litvack, GM, Mobile & Emerging Products, Associated Press
Michael Moroney, SVP Digital, TBA Global
Dave Courtney, CEO, JiWire
Frank Barbieri, CEO, Transpera

Ballroom 2
The Future of Targeting Technologies & Monetization
How Can Tech Firms & Agencies Successfully Navigate Privacy?
Moderator: Tolman Geffs, Managing Director, JEGI
Jon Hsu, CEO, 24/7 RealMedia & Head B3, WPP
Omar Tawakol, CEO, BlueKai
Chad Little, CEO, FetchBack
Christopher Olsen, Asst. Director, Division of Privacy & Identity Protection, FTC


Closing Remarks