National News Chain Discovers the IndyMedia Model

<ed.note>On an email to some of the universal data element framework CoP I wrote:

I was writing to Bill Trippe about content management a couple of months ago:

<snip>It would seem to me that a Craigslist/big classifieds database in the sky coupled with a google ads approach is applied to these concept-aligned initiatives is where we’re headed. Semantic precision ( rss, taxonomies, tagging, ontologies ) by concept-led groups and I think maybe even rural papers ( augmented by vlogging, etc. and aggregators like ) could really allow for some precise subscription-based content delivery models.</snip>

This a.m. the Wash Post had "A Newspaper Chain Sees Its Future, And It’s Online and Hyper-Local" – To me the way forward for a "national newspaper" is to be able to aggregate all of its local organs on the fly based on subscriber preferences and then augment with an adWords kind of approach.</ed.note

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