Location-based Healthcare

Posted on Mon, May 03, 2010 – 05:28 am at MobileHealthWatch.com | mHealthNews.com

With all the talk about the HP-Palm deal, and the announcement of further progress on IronRuby by Microsoft showcasing technology user TomTom, I thought it was interesting that Dell Wireless product marketing manager, Alan Sicher, made the point that location based services are not all about phones. While their laptop technology is apparently not intended as a Personal Navigation Device as is, it occurred to me that there may be some value (and danger) in marrying it with a heads up display a la Microvision for first responders and those volunteers who support them.

While telematics types have been musing about making your automobile an information center (traffic reports, news, e-mail, and Internet access) for at least a decade, GM has only recently demoed technology making your entire windshield a head-up display, and that with fairly rudimentary offerings. But if Pepsi is planning to use location-based network Foursquare to attract customers and start ups like Zong are betting on mobile payments, how long before healthcare providers utilize models like CAALYX as part of the delivery paradigm, as well as begin to incorporate services for technologies like Layar?