InnoVenture South East 2010

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Monday, May 10

9:00 – 5:00 Innovation Hall Move-in

Tuesday, May 11

7:30 Registration Open
8:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:30 Senior Leader John Kelly – Clemson University

Session 1 – Smart Communities

9:00 Slot 1 Kevin Ryan – CareCore National – Using technology and clinical expertise to control utilization in the health market.
9:10 Slot 2 Bea Wray – ERLink – Peer-to-Peer interactive mobile community for Emergency Room Physicians.
9:20 Slot 3 Lonnie Emard – Consortium for ESM – Collaborating to grow IT talent from the classroom to the boardroom.
9:30 Slot 4 Neil McLean – EngenuitySC
9:40 Slot 5 Andy Bernardin – IBM
9:50 Break
10:00 Slot 6 Marvin Reem – Bob Jones University
10:10 Slot 7 John Denise – Advanced Automated Consulting
10:20 Slot 8 Ralph Heredia – Zipit Wireless – Connect the World
10:30 Slot 9 Aaron Arvia – Electrolux Major Appliances – Developing and commercializing new technologies with the second-largest home appliance manufacturer in the world.
10:40 Slot 10 Jason Breazeale – BILO
10:50 Break
11:00 Slot 11 Bill Roberts – Sealed Air – active and intelligent packaging, a longstanding focus area for Sealed Air, is surely poised for new and exciting developments…but which ones?
11:10 Slot 12 Bill Kernodle – Balanced Flow Supply Chain Solutions, LLC – Supply chain synchronization – an untapped strategic advantage?
11:20 Slot 13 Mike Mazen – SiMT – Catching the 3D Tsunami – a look at the future of 3D communications.
11:30 Slot 14 Lee Stogner – SC Engineering Cluster
11:40 Slot 15 Stephen Bronack – Clemson University Moore School of Education
11:50 Special Presentation – South Carolina Collegiate Entrepreneurship Awards
10:00 Innovation Hall Open
11:45 Lunch on Exhibit Floor
1:00 Senior Leader – Ed Sellers, BlueCross BlueShield of SC

Session 2 – Transformed Mobility

1:30 Slot 1 George Fletcher – New Carolina: SC Council on Competitiveness
1:40 Slot 2 Joachim Taiber – CU-ICAR – Interaction of Clean Transportation and Networked Vehicle ecosystems and their transformational impact on the automotive industry
1:50 Slot 3 Saied Taheri – Virginia Tech – Tire Research and its Impact on the Economy of Southside Virginia
2:00 Slot 4 Paul Venhovens – CU-ICAR – Deep Orange is a unique open-innovation framework for research & development, education, and collaboration for a future sustainable automotive industry
2:10 Slot 5 Dale Hill – Proterra
2:20 Break
2:30 Slot 6 Tony Smith – Zero Motorcycles
2:40 Slot 7 Imtiaz Haque – CU-ICAR – Building partnerships and opportunities for collaboration at CU-ICAR
2:50 Slot 8 Brian McSharry – Sage Automotive Interiors
3:00 Slot 9 John Dabels, EV Power Systems (SC Launch) company – Designs and installs retrofit hybrid-electric drive systems for trucks.
3:10 Slot 10 Evan Solida – Cerevellum – a cycle-computer with an integrated rear-view camera and accident recording feature.
3:20 Break
3:30 Slot 11 Bob Solomon – SIMPACK US Inc. – Supporting the Conceptual to Detailed Vehicle Design that includes complex Electronic / Mechanical Systems for New Vehicle Technologies.
3:40 Slot 12 David Bodde – Clemson University – The AutoVenture Forum offers entrepreneurs an efficient and effective opportunity to connect with the auto industry and key suppliers.
3:50 Slot 13 Matt Dunbar – UCAN – creating capital connections between promising start-up companies and smart local angel investors to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Carolina.
4:00 Slot 14 Leighton Lord – Nexsen Pruet – Boeing Team Leader
4:10 Slot 15 Jason Premo, ADEX Machining Technologies – a low-tech manufacturer that transformed into machining advanced aerospace materials, grew 4x in sales in 2 years, and created over 30 higher wage factory jobs
4:30 Senior Leader – David Stafford – Michelin Americas Research Company
5:00 Reception

Wednesday, May 12

7:30 Registration Open
8:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:30 Senior LeaderChris Desoiza – Milliken Research Corporation

Session 3 – Advanced Materials

9:00 Slot 1 Tom Vogt – NanoCenter at USC – Nanotechnology expanding the parameter space for materials design
9:10 Slot 2 Rod Bailey – Michelin – Michelin Challenges and Needs
9:20 Slot 3 Heather Killgallon – Milliken
9:30 Slot 4 John Ballato – Clemson University – Highlighting the analytical testing capabilities and services available at Clemson University to industrial partners.
9:40 Slot 5 Mike Panasko – Innovate Anderson – Designing the future for Anderson County through economic development innovation.
9:50 Break
10:00 Slot 6 Scott Violette – Milliken
10:10 Slot 7 Tara Sabo Attwood – NanoCenter at USC – Avoiding past costly mistakes by considering environmental consequences of nanomaterials early in their development.
10:20 Slot 8 Bernard Spielvogel – BoroScience International – The leader in boron chemistry
10:30 Slot 9 Michael Bolick, Lab 21 (SC Launch)
10:40 Slot 10 Steve Johnson – SC Bio – the new SCBIO can make any life science company in SC more competitive
10:50 Break
11:00 Slot 11 Jonathan Wilke – SiMT
11:10 Slot 12 Ralph Hulseman – Hoowaki (SC Launch) – Transforming surfaces to add value to your products.
11:20 Slot 13 Jason Premo, ADEX Machining Technologies – a low-tech manufacturer that transformed into machining advanced aerospace materials, grew 4x in sales in 2 years, and created over 30 higher wage factory jobs
11:30 Slot 14 Gene Kodama – South Carolina Forestry Commission – Aggressively market SC forest products and business opportunities.
11:40 Slot 15 Jeremy Stipkala – Stipkala LLC – offers intellectual property legal services featuring Ph.D.-level expertise in clean energy and advanced materials with a lower-cost law firm business model.
11:50 Special Presentation – SC Launch Big Check Presentation to Hoowaki
9:00 Innovation Hall Open
11:45 Lunch on Exhibit Floor
1:00 Senior Leaders – Harris Pastides – President of the University of SC

Don Herriott – Director of Innovista Partnerships

Session 4 – Clean Energy

1:30 Slot 1 Philip Wilson – Milliken – Seeks to identify opportunities to contribute to the growth of the Clean Energy industry with new materials that enable total system optimization in collaboration with innovators in clean energy core technologies.
1:40 Slot 2 Wesley Greene – sgblue – Developing leading edge technology is the greenest way to eliminate pollution, reduce your carbon footprint and change the air we breathe.
1:50 Slot 3 John Perkins – Nexsen Pruet – Growing green businesses start to finish in the alternative energy practice group
2:00 Slot 4 Doug Webster – CB Richard Ellis
2:10 Slot 5 Gary Alexander – Carolina Gas Transmission – Seekng to be a key business ally for industries who are high volume users of natural gas
:20 Break
2:30 Slot 6 Joseph James – Agri-Tech Producers – Innovative torrefaction technology used to cost effectively make, a renewable coal replacement, biochar, a biocrop based cooking fuel.
2:40 Slot 7 Daryl Whitt – RMT, Inc.
2:50 Slot 8 Brad Van Meter – Hyperion Partners (SC Launch)
3:00 Slot 9 Roland Zimmer – Zimmer America
3:10 Slot 10 Eric Lensch – Argand Energy Solution
3:20 Break
3:30 Slot 11 Hildy Teegen – Moore School of Business – The university as Bastion of Specialization and a model of best practice in innovation commercialization
3:40 Slot 12 Chad Sands – NextGenEn – Empowering life through clean energy.
3:50 Slot 13 Brian Benicewicz – NanoCenter at USC
4:00 Slot 14 Ron Seftick – Tru-lite (SC Launch)
4:10 Slot 15 Jeff Archie – SCANA
4:30 – 5:00 Senior Leader – Bill Mahoney – SCRA
5:00 InnoVenture Southeast closes

Advanced Materials

The future of advanced materials is being created here. Milliken has one of the world’s preeminent materials research centers, and has developed over 55,000 different products. The Michelin Americas Research Company is one of their three global R&D centers. The NanoCenter at the University of SC and the Clemson Advanced Materials Research Center have attracted preeminent scholars through the Centers of Economic Excellence program. Zeus Industrial leads in extruded polymers for medical devices, and St. Jude Medical leads in capacitors for pacemakers. KEMET is one of the world’s leading capacitor manufacturers.

Clean Energy

The future of clean energy is being created here. GE Energy produces a large share of the world’s wind turbines, and Clemson received $98 million to build a wind test facility. GE operates the world’s largest gas turbine plant. The Savannah River National Lab has the world’s largest concentration of hydrogen scientists, and the University of SC has the National Science Foundation Center for Fuel Cells. The nuclear renaissance in the US will occur in the Carolinas. South Carolina grows a large percentage of the cellulose which can be converted to biofuel on the east coast.

Transformed Mobility

The future of the mobility industry is being created here. The country’s first PhD in Automotive Engineering recently graduated from the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research and went to work for the Michelin Americas Research Company. The BMW Information Technology Research Center is inventing connected vehicle technologies we will use in our cars tomorrow. BMW Manufacturing has invested $4.3 billion, employs 5,000, and has produced 1.5 million cars. Boeing landed in North Charleston, and Lockheed is in Greeenville.

Smart Communities

The future of smart communities is being created here. BlueCross BlueShield of SC operates 6 of the 90 IBM Z10 mainframes in the world. Health Sciences SC is developing a leading health information technology infrastructure to support research and advance patient care. Sealed Air is developing intelligent packaging to keep our food fresher, safer and less expensive. Wind turbines built off the coast will be connected through smart grids to consumers. Electrolux is building 2 million appliances which are increasingly connected and personalized to our lifestyles.

Conference Presenters
7 Senior Leaders

David Stafford COO of the Michelin Americas Research Company Chris Desoiza VP of the Milliken Research Corporation John Kelly VP for Public Service and Economic Development of Clemson University Ed Sellers CEO of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Harris Pastides President of the University of South Carolina Don Herriott Director of Innovista Partnerships, University of SC Bill Mahoney CEO of SCRA

60 Passionate Champions

Brian Benicewicz CoEE Endowed Chair, NanoCenter at USC, Columbia, SC Bill Roberts Research Fellow, Sealed Air Jonathan Wilke Manager of Rapid Prototyping Center, Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Design, Florence, SC Ralph Hulseman President of Hoowaki, LLC Jason Premo CEO, ADEX Machining Technologies Mike Panasko President of Innovate Anderson John Ballato Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development at Clemson University Hildy Teegen Dean, Moore School of Business, Columbia, SC

Over 2 Days 7 Senior Leaders and 60 Passionate Champions describe the future they are creating to attract the expertise and resources needed to succeed. The audience is hundreds of influential, connected people.


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