If Congress Can’t Understand the Decrease in STEM Students

<ed.note>it is, in part, because CIOs are being paid to down-salary and geo-concentrate tech-related gigs and the folks intelligent enough to enter STEM classes are also intelligent enough to use this new-fangled world wide web thingie and read about. Informed, market forces can be very efficient re: incenting activity.

The comments at one posting on this reality ( "This is all about containing costs. There are more than enough well trained US citizens available to fill these positions." and "There are lots of other professionals with elite qualifications (and sometimes experience) that would love to join the revolution. What about using technology to employ people where they currently live?" ) reinforce for me the inconsistency of the fedgov’s lack of policy to encourage firms which make software to enable the distributed, digital enterprise, which the fedgov buys, to adopt the work over ip paradigm, especially at as time when politicos "make hay" over e85 ( noone dares mention it is in part because of all that commuting folks are doing ).

Any currently running Green politician out there willing to make "the work over ip paradigm as default position" part of their campaign speech? "e-nable first, then e85." How would that play with the Iowa server farmers?</ed.note>