HSSP 2009 Year in Review — Taking Stock of our Progress

<ed.note>Ken Rubin et. al. have taken on the difficult work of not only creating standards but harmonizing standards bodies. Kudos galore as far as I am concerned.</ed.note>


As 2009 draws to a close, I like to take a few moments to reflect on the year that has past, and to acknowledge and thank all of you for your interest, your energies, and your contributions to our Standards work throughout the year. We spend so much of our time always focused on what needs to be done that we often overlook our accomplishments.

This has really been a banner year for HSSP, for HL7 SOA, and for OMG HDTF. You all have much to be proud of. The list that follows is by no means comprehensive, but I hope I’ve captured most of the major milestones that happened JUST during 2009. For fear of leaving out key contributors, I am not trying to name any individuals. That said, let’s get right to it. 2009 saw…

…the formal publication of the Entity Identification Service (EIS) and Retrieve Update Locate Service (RLUS) Technical specifications through the OMG. These mark the first services to have completed the trip from HL7 to OMG.

…the finalization of the Entity Cross-reference Service Functional Model (IXS) Normative Ballot, the renaming of EIS and the marking of the first HSSP specification to complete the full life cycle from HL7 to OMG and back again, seeing from DSTU through Normative specification

…the successful DSTU ballot of the Common Terminology Service Release 2 (CTS2) Service Functional Model through HL7

…the successful issuance of the OMG Common Terminolology Services RFP through the Analysis and Design Task Force, the first, HSSP specification to be issued as a platform specification within OMG.

…the successful ballot of the Healthcare and Community Services Provider Directory (HCSPD) as an HL7 Normative Specification, formerly the Human Services Directory, done in collaboration with the Patient Care committee.

…the release for ballot of the first of what will be many Privacy Access and Security Services (PASS) DSTU ballots, currently underway.

…the 2010 SOA in Healthcare Conference, the second instance of this event co-hosted between HL7 and OMG, which was well attended and very successful

…the hosting of a “Terminology Services Information Day” educational event focused on CTS2

…the publication of the EHR System Design Reference Model, an effort to align HITSP, HSSP, and SAEAF activities into a common reference.

…an analysis effort to understand tooling and methodology requirements and opportunities between HL7 and OMG (e.g., MIF, SOAml, etc.)

…a review of our existing processes and recommendations on how to improve collaboration among the participating HSSP organizations.

…the inception of a SOA Ontology workgroup/project

…the completion of the Technology Adoption of the OMG Decision Support Service technical specification, based upon a joint submission against the RFP based on the HL7 Decision Support Service Functional Model

Even with all of the above, I am certain that there are projects and activities that have been overlooked. By any measure, we’ve had a tremendous year, especially for an effort with zero direct budged and zero dedicated resources. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted the investments of time and effort that each of you and your organizations make to contribute to this community. Let me assure you that your contributions are very much valued, and that we are collectively doing great and important work, and making significant progress. My hope is that for 2010, the list of accomplishments includes significant stories about the use and consumption of our standards in implemented and deployed software that is making a difference in patient lives.

It continues to be a sincere pleasure to work with all of you. My best to each of you and your families. Happy holidays, and Happy New Year!

– Ken

Ken Rubin
Chief Architect, Federal Healthcare Portfolio
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