History of Missiology Website

<ed.note>Despite Jesus’ command to his apostles to "freely give" since they had "freely received", the religious publication industry is slow to adopt the open access model ( e.g., the Public Library of Science ). Journals especially derive mucho dinero from libraries and archives subscriptions so are loathe to adopt Wikipedia or Open Journal Systems platforms. That’s why I was especially delighted to find in a paid subscription journal a pointer to the History of Missiology website — which, as evidenced by viewing the html source — is hosted on Joomla! 1.5 – an Open Source Content Management system. FYI: Boston University also hosts other resources in their DSpace Communities. If you find other "open" missiological resources let me know ( contact info ).</ed.note>

The History of Missiology website originated from doctoral seminars taught by Professor Dana L. Robert. Because of the obscurity of historic mission texts, she initiated the collection and digitization of texts in the public domain. The provision of biographical data on each missiologist stems from the priorities of the course, which focuses on the social and contextual dimensions of mission theology, theory and strategy. While the work of mission practitioners is certainly of interest, the primary focus of the website is on books and studies considered of historic importance to the development of Protestant missiology.