Gartner Sees Boom after OASIS, Other Deliver their Roadmaps

August 23, 2006, Barbara Gengler, "Standards are coming to sooth Business Process Management changes", SAP INFO

In his report, “Findings for Next Generation BPM”, Gartner analyst Jim Sinur, emphasized the next generation of developers will operate primarily at the business service level, dynamically aggregating often-disparate software applets, process, infrastructure, application and process components that deliver coherent functionality to the business. “BPM will be a key ingredient for delivering such services efficiently and flexibly,” he said. “However, formalization in how enterprises model business, how they collaborate and how they build and enhance application services is required to achieve increase benefits from BPM.”

…James Bryce Clark, director of standards, development, OASIS said standards create safety. “People who build on open standards are better insulated from single source and vendor lock-in,” he said. “SOA brings more modularity and substitutability: your systems become less black box and more Lego blocks. In a Lego world, it’s far more important that all those hot-swap pieces can snap together interchangeably, with all kinds of other things. Without real modularity, using vendor-neutral standards, you don’t get the agility or cost benefits of an open component architecture.”

In describing how the integration of business processes changed over the last few years and how this affected the standards, Clark remarked: “Big question and every analyst has their own theory.” According to Clark, the demand is for a palette of commonly understood business data services and objects that can be invoked and exchanged by a wide range of users and tools. “Standardization of this is at an early stage,” he said. “Things to watch carefully include UBL, BPEL, UN/ECE’s core components work, and a fairly new set of projects to homogenize business rule expressions. OMG, W3C, OASIS and others all have stakes in that effort and we hope to see some convergence soon.”