Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework: Connectathon participants should install your one instance of the bridge

Hi there :-)

After few discussions with IHE it was concluded that each of the OHF Bridge users should install their own instance of the bridge. Actually, its not that bad :-)

I listed the steps of doing that here:

It should be very easy if you have the binaries. Since we don’t have an official release yet, you have to send me an email asking for the binaries and I’ll send them over.

If you see flaws in the description, please let me know or edit the wiki yourself if you think there are clarifications you can add.

So what will be at the Connectathon?

Each of the bridge users will run the bridge on the machine that runs their application. The bridge was tested on both windows and Linux, I expect it should run on a mac the same way (its a Java application).

The bridge can drew the RHIO configuration from a URL. At the connectathon we’ll provide a server for configuration so we’ll be able to configure RHIOs for all the tests you’ll be doing. It will be very useful since based on last year’s experience finding the attributes of all the systems participating is a big headache. The same server will also server updates to the bridge in case will need to.

See you at the Connectathon :-)

–eishay smith