Diabetes Is No Fun, but It Can Be a Game

<ed.note>UPDATE: OK, I admit it took a little longer than I thought it would and I had assumed it would be the cable guys rather than the gamebox folks–it was actually a consumer|innovator who did the work (yea, open innovation). Thanks to Brian Dolan from mobihealthnews.com for the pointer to the article. OLD COMMENTS: I reiterate, if you don’t get Ken’s IQ Reports, you’re missing out ( big time, man ).

Ken thinks about the data coming down the pipe; I concentrate on the data which can be uploaded. I anticipate a medical banking grid connecting High Deductible Health Plans, Healthcare Savings Accounts, real-time adjudication, integrated charity care eligibility, and Smartphone-based Electronic Medical Records and mobile payments with provider point of service pricing; eHealth interactive home healthcare servers extended with wireless sensors and other devices facilitating remote disease management; medical data expressed via cell phones, web tablets, IPTV set top boxes, ATMs, kiosks, and web portals, etc. Additionally, there will be GRIDS aplenty for research and HOPEFULLY more Work Over IP ( if management ever learns the technology needed to trust the distributed workforce ).</ed.note>

By Arlene Weintraub, businessweek.com

Bayer hopes that partnering with Nintendo will make it the leader in glucose testing.