Culture’s effect on wireless technologies (and vice versa)

Posted on Mon, Apr 12, 2010 – 05:37 am at |

All technology develops within a cultural milieu (which is French for “stew pot of vested interests”). The continua of wireless spectrum is interwoven with the backbone, so mentioning the FCC decision is appropriate. The discussions regarding net neutrality, fee for service, etc. continue to be hashed out in the political and judicial processes. However, Google’s PR foray into broadband produced a spontaneous response in Communities United for Broadband. This got me thinking.

There has been much media discourse recently about the Tea Party movement with pundits from both major parties spinning attributes this way and that. There is a similar feel in the air to me back to the days when Ross Perot was solidifying a group based on folks who considered themselves disenfranchised—voiceless—or more accurately, crying in the wilderness, but heard by no one in power.

But times are different now, and the ability to coalesce a group based on a common theme, either virtually or physically, is not only possible, it is in the DNA of those becoming the generation which will comprise consumer-driven healthcare’s primary proponents. If one traditional institution is being changed by instant self-organization 2.0, will others be? My bet is “yes”. Someone is going to tip off these slacktivists that all is not well with the way care is being given and then heaven help anyone who decides it is in their vested interests to stand in their way.