Churches of Christ Business School Alumni Network

<ed.note>While I’m working on my Honorary MBA, this note from Alan See may be of interest to some:</ed.note>


I graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1981 (BBA) and 1986 (MBA). I would like to see a strong "Church of Christ" related business alumni network and hope you will join me in this effort. There is a growing network of ACU alumni currently meeting on yahoo.  The charter for this group has recently been expanded.

Discussion Group Description: Founded in 2004 by Abilene Christian University College of Business alumni. This group has expanded to include all "Church of Christ" related Universities.  Our objectives include:

1. Growing "Church of Christ" University/College alumni related networks throughout the business community.
2. Sharing business thought-leadership content.
3. Sharing job opportunities.
4. Sharing prayer requests and helping old friends stay in touch.

The Web-site:

Several hundred job postings and business related thought-leadership articles have been presented on this web-site. In addition, you will find prayer requests and family updates. Isn’t that what made the Christian University/College experience unique? The ability to nurture your career while living a Christian faith.

Please help me grow this unique network. Forward this message to your classmates and encourage them to connect.


Alan See
Abilene Christian University
Class of 1981
AlanSee at