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It Can’t Hurt to Think [Sustainable Development Dialogues - Rio+20 Dialogues]

Here is the link to the vote page for the 10 topics of the Sustainable Development Dialogues, or Rio+20 Dialogues, each containing 10 recommendations. Click the arrow on the right of a bar to expand and collapse topics, and mark a vote by clicking on the check to the left of a recommendation. You may […]

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Ben White: Crowdsourcing knowledge on doing business in Africa

Dear Members, The VC4Africa Questions & Answers tool connects you to everything you want to know about doing business in Africa. It is a place for us to solve our problems and to share our own experience and knowledge with fellow members. We invite you to participate as we crowd source an open and accessible […]

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Ben White: VC4Africa takes a look at the progress made in 2011

I think it is fair to say that 2011 was a good year for the VC4Africa community. What originally started as a Linkedin group has now grown into a thriving and productive network. This year we closed the old website and started a new chapter on We now have more than 4.300 members who […]

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