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My Response to Milt’s Tweet

Milt Capps ‏@miltcapps Venture validation? #Nashville #startups & Tech talent so good they get bought and move elsewhere – natural, but not what we’re hoping for. My response: My major fear for a gigified Nashville (ATT, Google, Comcast, NES, whomever) is that managers|C-suites will not learn that geography doesn’t always have to matter. I feel|think […]

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WorkIT Nashville • Hi Ed, thanks for sharing. How do you think tech could be used to change the healthcare landscape in Tennessee?

I’m open to your thoughts here because I could be way off base; I’m a teachable sort… The Medical Banking Project (now part of HIMSS) studied this question for quite awhile. I blogged a series of topics awhile back ( ; ; ) and the HIMSS World Bank Task Force did a […]

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Colleagues are something for which to be thankful

It is a mixed blessing being a technologist theist. The best part is that it gives you someone to be ultimately thankful to for the many assets provided in these times in which we live. Colleagues are good things. Jim Long and the programmers at GM Spring Hill Manufacturing (Compuware, EDS, GM, Xerox before my […]

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