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My Response to Milt’s Tweet

Milt Capps ‏@miltcapps Venture validation? #Nashville #startups & Tech talent so good they get bought and move elsewhere – natural, but not what we’re hoping for. My response: My major fear for a gigified Nashville (ATT, Google, Comcast, NES, whomever) is that managers|C-suites will not learn that geography doesn’t always have to matter. I feel|think […]

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WorkIT Nashville • Hi Ed, thanks for sharing. How do you think tech could be used to change the healthcare landscape in Tennessee?

I’m open to your thoughts here because I could be way off base; I’m a teachable sort… The Medical Banking Project (now part of HIMSS) studied this question for quite awhile. I blogged a series of topics awhile back ( ; ; ) and the HIMSS World Bank Task Force did a […]

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Colleagues are something for which to be thankful

It is a mixed blessing being a technologist theist. The best part is that it gives you someone to be ultimately thankful to for the many assets provided in these times in which we live. Colleagues are good things. Jim Long and the programmers at GM Spring Hill Manufacturing (Compuware, EDS, GM, Xerox before my […]

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Nashville Remembers

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RANT: The Discussion is about local tax authorities, C-Suite conveniences, not job growth

Milt Capps @miltcapps Nashville needs to have “gravitational pull” for IT pro’s, says @tractor supply CEO Wright @lipscomb NBJ event @kateo @entrecenter @ed_dodds Ed Dodds @ed_dodds @miltcapps sf & ny have “pull” – they also have much inter firm job hopping; time for management to drop geo-lock #Terabit #Ethernet #Fiber What we need is a […]

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A: Because You Don’t ROWE Q: Why Can’t Tennessee Innovate? [Update]

Why Nashville Companies Are Targeting Tweens For High-Tech Jobs BY ALISSA WALKER | 07-09-2012 See here for news on ROWE in Nashville. Nicholas Holland demonstrates with his ROWE notes. My older ROWE related posts here. # # # # Mar 13, 2012 What good do personal clouds and corporate data hives, aquihires and crowdsourcing to meet your […]

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Want Innovation? Study Israel

Why Israel? Israel has evolved from a primarily agricultural economy to an enterprising technology innovator and producer. Home-grown entrepreneurship, effective government support and venture capital have combined to make Israel a research and development hub, with local industry complementing the approximately 220 R&D centers of multinational corporations, including Alcatel, Deutsche Telecom, Cisco, Google, HP, Merck, […]

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Women Who Tech Wednesday, May 23, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (ET)

Event Details The 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit will take place on May 23, 2012 via phone and web. Just like our past three sold out TeleSummits, this one will be packed with some of the most thought provoking discussions led by the most passionate and talented women in tech, startups, and social media […]

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Apparently Cybersecurity is important to the US economy, the Congress learns

H. R. 2096 To advance cybersecurity research, development, and technical standards, and for other purposes. Also, planning related to a national strategy concerning “HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING” and “NETWORKING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY”, and stuff like IT, Big Data, etc. is worth investing in at a national level. H. R. 3834 To amend the High-Performance Computing Act […]

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Transit Now Nashville to Benefit From Upcoming Coding Competition

NTC Weekend HackAThon will support the tech needs of the local non-profit [PDF] [ed.note: Now the Nashville Technology Council, the Entrepreneur Center, the Community Foundation and the Center for Nonprofit Management need to collaborate to establish several fellowships funding the salaries of techies within Nashville nonprofit organizations for 2 years to help them adopt 1) […]

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