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Working on the Honr System (sm) – Social Economic Justice via Pervasive (Micro)payment

These are preliminary notes Powerpoint needs to be done in epiphaneo video format: youtube, vimeo, facebook – others (as many as feasible) possible TED talk Daily Work, Daily Pay Same Day Fair Day’s Pay – daily labor daily wages WHAT IS HONORED (VALUED) IN A SOCIETY IS RECOGNIZED (AWARDED, PAID) Honr – Pauline NT principle, […]

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CSPAN Myth Day: Shareholder Value and the Global Minotaur

Author Lynn Stout talked about her book, The Shareholder Value Myth, in which she argues that corporations placed too much emphasis on increasing their stock price. She said the focus on shareholder value has prevented corporations from making a full contribution to solving the problems of the world, and described a corporate world where the effort […]

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C-SPAN BookTV, Signs of the Times, and Solomon’s Prayer for Sanctification

Joseph Stiglitz argues that rising inequality in the U.S. is bad for our democracy and says that we need to become a more equitable society. Professor Stiglitz responded to questions from members of the audience at Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, D.C. Joel Rosenberg questions whether the U.S. can recover from its economic […]

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