SOA Class War, Part Deux

"2007 Top Five Total Rewards Priorities", Deloitte Consulting

Concern about sustaining a high-quality workforce has reached an all time high, creating a growing tension between cost control and talent management… For the first time, respondents with more than $1 billion in revenue ranked “attracting, motivating, and retaining talent” as a higher concern than “control of health care costs.” This is a clear divergence in the top priorities between larger and smaller companies.

See also "Revolt in the Boardroom, The New Rules of Power in Corporate America" by Alan Murray

Outsourcing the C-Suite [ Tweaked and reposted — was: Ralph Szygenda believes that the high-tech industry can learn from the auto industry ]

<ed.note>The services and support industry no longer requires an overpaid, iddatarate management strata — since it can easily be replaced by a webbed database, wiki or now, finally, outsourced. Shareholders, especially with the rise of "activists" coupled with the blogosphere, will get wise “that globalization hasn’t gone far enough.” This is because there is no sphere in business to which Szygenda’s "standards" do not apply and those standards lead to automation and outsourcing and real-time accountability ( interoperancy ) on a cost per unit basis. Adoption of service oriented architecture, the rise of financial services straight thru processing, and the push for transparent open book management is set to ignite a very interesting class war. Though the new money provided by increased productivity ( read: IT employees, whose data aggregation and process re-engineering produced the value ) produced has gone straight to "C" bonuses, rather than employees or stockholders, "C’s" still feel a need to pull stuff like this and this.</ed.note>

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