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Fedgov Financial Geo-Mapping [My Knight Foundation News Challenge Entry]

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What Is the Weak Link re: Big Data in Financial Services?

On the one hand CIOs Say Information Management Programs Are Underfunded while on the other firms like Morgan Stanley Takes On Big Data With Hadoop. The way it has typically been done for 20 year is that IT asked the business what they want, creates a data structure and writes structured query language, sources the […]

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LIVE WEBCAST on Mapping of Data in the Horn of Africa. Oct. 11, 12:30 – 2:00 PM Washington DC time

Citizen Engagement, Aid Coordination, and Transparency: An Experience from Mapping of Data in the Horn of Africa When: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Washington D.C. time Live Webcast at: Comments or questions: please use Twitter (#mapdataafrica) Drought, conflict, and rising food prices have created one of the worst humanitarian […]

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The following courses at Bioinformatics.Org are coming up and available for registration.  Please see the corresponding URLs for more information. CS101A Perl for Biologists, Level 1; Jan. 24-28, 2011     Taught in the context of biological research, this course helps biologists learn how to use the scripting language Perl to automate certain tasks. Armed with […]

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Some ADRIS Predictions Revisited

<ed.note>I thought it might be an interesting exercise to revisit some predictions I made in the ADRIS Newsletter back in the day.</ed.note> Association forthe Development ofReligious Information SystemsNewsletter About ADRIS Back Issues VOLUME 27NUMBER 3-4ISSN 0300-7022┬ęCopyright 2000Edward W. Dodds, M.A.Editor, ADRIS NewsletterPO Box 210735Nashville, TN 37221-0735 USAE-mail: editor@adris.orgWeb: Dr. David O. MobergADRIS CoordinatorProfessor EmeritusDepartment […]

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NFI Research Results RE: Social Networking – Business Leaders Are Not Confident

<ed.note>While legacy newspapers struggle to find a way to monetize their next incarnation (hint: it's aggregating and/or researching data which can be gained nowhere else than from their subscribing readership — imagine think tank-portal-citizen journalism-distributed computing a la SETI@home crunching results), Chuck Martin has been surveying business leaders finding unique real-time insight. My general impression […]

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The Future of Companies Report at Global Futures and Foresight

<ed.note>David Smith sent a pointer to a new GFF study:</ed.note> We are living in a period of great economic and political volatility. There are new global players entering every field of commercial endeavour and the political power brokers across the globe are changing rapidly. India, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and a great many other countries […]

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Blogs a Radical Tool for Disability Community

<ed.note>A decade or so after the interweb becomes popular with the public it is discovered by "Big Advocacy". Let’s see how long before they "discover" other centralizing data tools like community enabling content management, wikis and standardized financial metadata, taxonomies, etc. ( vs. "recommendations and principles" ) for NGO/NPO data interoperability purposes… A boy can […]

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AO2007: Innovation Summit @ Stanford [ was A02005 ]

<ed.note>Apparently I missed the 2006 archives but the videos for 2007 are available here. Also, Tony Perkins pointed out the very helpful entrepreneurship education site, Also, Going Green is slated for Sept 10-12 at UC-Davis. I’ll get to see if HP, IBM, or SUN ( not the first to do this here – kudos […]

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Google Virtual Pharmacy Benefits Management company???

<ed.note>I’ve been browsing the buzz about the announcement at Google’s Blog ( nothing at Google’s Health Advertising Blog ) and the speculation that Google will acquire an electronic medical record vendor/technology. To me, though, it has seemed for a while that Google wouldn’t care how revolutionary the emr is as much as whether they can […]

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