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Online Presentations for VoiceCon Orlando 2010

available here.

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St. Joseph Medical Center (Houston) and MedConcierge to Demonstrate Telemedicine Solutions at FTTH Council Conference

Top Houston Hospital Selects MedConcierge to Offer Telemedicine to Corporations and Master Planned Communities September 8, 2009 (Sarasota, FL & Houston, TX) – St. Joseph Medical Center, the largest, Level 3 trauma hospital in downtown Houston, has selected MedConcierge to provide its advanced telemedicine solution to leading communities and corporations. Both parties will demonstrate the user […]

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8th Annual Fiber to the Home Conference Call for Papers – September 27-October 1, 2009, Houston, TX

Lake Oswego, OR – February 9, 2009. The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council has issued a Call for Papers for its 8th annual conference to be held from September 27-October 1, 2009 in Houston, TX.  The 2009 FTTH Conference & Expo is the only gathering of its kind dedicated to the advancement and deployment […]

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74 Open Source VoIP Apps & Resources

<ed.note>Aaron Rosenthal sent me a pointer to which in turn held a link to "74 Open Source VoIP Apps & Resources" over at<ed.note> When a body of independent auditors and experts recommended that the State of California consider open-source software and Voice over Internet Protocol telephony (VoIP) as two measures to cut costs […]

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OpenSER is a mature and flexible open source Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server (RFC3261). It can be used on systems with limitted resources as well as on carrier grade servers, scaling to up to thousands call setups per second. It is written in pure C for Unix/Linux-like systems with architecture specific optimizations to offer high […]

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Smart Phone Electronic Medical Record / Mobile Contactless Payment / Remote Monitoring, Developments Toward…

<ed.note>Since vendors are looking at remote monitoring for disease management I should list those as well. I’ll also be on the look out for sensors which are car-based now that wi-fi is available in automobiles. There are some parallel developments which I guess I should mention: Major League Baseball and other event vendors as well […]

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Managing Virtual Distance – Driving Business Transformation through Distributed Work, November 14-16, 2007

The Disneyland Hotel • Anaheim, CA THE One, THE Only Conference Focused on Strategies, Teams, Tools & Beyond in the Virtual Workplace ANNOUNCING INAUGURAL CONFERENCE ON MANAGING VIRTUAL DISTANCE IDENTIFY, MANAGE & MEASURE virtual distance Break through language barriers & manage MULTI-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENTS Harness virtual KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Believe the unbelievable & witness the power of […]

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Voice: The New Fingerprint?

Jun 1, 2007 By David Jastrow, Prevailing security methods used to protect against identity theft are losing ground to fraudsters. In fact, the total cost of identity fraud in the United States in 2006 reached $56.6 billion, up 6.4 percent from $53.2 billion three years earlier, according to the 2006 Identity Fraud Survey Report […]

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internet Low Bitrate Codec

iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) is a FREE speech codec suitable for robust voice communication over IP. The codec is designed for narrow band speech and results in a payload bit rate of 13.33 kbit/s with an encoding frame length of 30 ms and 15.20 kbps with an encoding length of 20 ms. The iLBC […]

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IP Over IP

Mar 26, 2007, "More VoIP patent suits likely" by Carol Wilson, The season for suing over Internet telephony patents has probably just begun, according to patent attorneys. <ed.note>One of the realities of non-open source business is dealing with the fact that it’s not what you earn, it’s what you are allowed to keep.</ed.note>

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